There are a few things that all of us college students know about high school, either after we graduate or while we are students. High school is boring, tough, and is not the best years of our lives, no matter what our teachers and parents say.

Also, chances are, we aren't going to use anything we learn in high school in our real lives. Especially if we don't like the subject. Like, when are we going to use history in real life, unless you want to be a history teacher or a commentator on National Geographic? And what do you need to use calculus for anyway?

College, while it is difficult and boring, and it does force you to take some classes that have nothing to do with your major and you won't use in real life. At least my school, Drew University, does. However, college has classes that are relevant to my interests, and the outside world. And I think high schools should take notice.

Here are five classes that should be taught in high schools.

1. Finances

Let's be real, does anyone know how to balance a checkbook? Does anyone know how to pay taxes? Does anyone know how to budget? When I was in middle school, my awesome math teacher did a unit on checkbooks. Unfortunately, we only did that for one week, and I forgot most of what she taught me. I don't see why we can't teach this in high school. It's basic math, and it's easier than most math. Also, this is something we actually can use in real life.

2. Home Economics

Yeah, I know they used to teach this in school, and still do in some parts. But it's not the staple course that it used to be. I know that it is a bit sexist, appealing mostly to female students, and the photo I chose doesn't help. However, I think this should be a required course. Everyone should know how to take care of their home, and not call their mother when they don't know what to do, as most of us do. I also think this shouldn't just be cooking, it should be laundry, how the basic appliance works, and how to fix things.

3. Technology

We all know how to do basic things on our electronic devices. But do any of us know how they really work? Or what to do when certain problems arise? We can't just go to Google or to the Apple store every time something goes wrong. It'd be good if we actually knew how our electronics work, or other things we can do with them.

4. Current Events

We all should know what is happening in the world. Keyword "should." It would be interesting if schools made an entire course dedicated to current events, news, and media, instead of just making it a one-week unit or weekly homework assignment like all of my classes did.

5. Sociology

If you don't know what this is, it is the study of social interactions and problems. It'd be interesting to learn this in high school where we are trying to find ourselves.