Dear best friends,

Thank you.

The most important thing I could possibly say to you is thank you. Thank you for spending all of the best years of my life by me. You've been sticking with me from elementary school to middle school, to high school, to college. And what would I do without you? I just want to reflect on how much you mean to me.

Everyone always says "you are who you're friends with," and every time I hear that I think about how lucky I am to have friends like you. Because of you, I had a great childhood through to high school experience. We did everything together and looking back, I wouldn't have had it any other way. I couldn't look back and ask for better best friends.

You guys made it all worthwhile. I'm so lucky to have had such a great growing-up experience because most people can't say they had friends as great as mine.

Up until college, you've lived every great memory of my life with me, and now all of a sudden you're not by my side anymore. It still feels weird sharing with you the goings-on of my life, because, before this, we were always together, so we never had to discuss our days. We already knew what happened because we were there.

Going from seeing each other every day in school for 10 years straight and hanging out all the time to being hundreds of miles away at college was not an easy transition, but it got easier with time. Being away from you always makes me realize how much I really miss you guys, and how great of a time we always had together.

I always look forward to breaking from college because I know it means I get much needed time with my forever gal pals. Although the days of having sleepovers every weekend, and taking the same classes together, and driving around late at night singing at the top of our lungs, and being on the same sports teams have ended and the tassels of high school have turned, I still love hanging out with you as much as ever, so days, when we're all in the same city, are always the best days.

We may not see each other as frequently, but we never fail to talk every day. Although we may not tell each other everything anymore, and I always feel out go the loop, I know there are going to be great stories to hear when we're finally all together.

In the end, even if we aren't as close, I know you guys are my absolute best friends no matter what. I know you're the ones I can call if I ever need anything. I know you'll always be there to answer my texts and talk to me when I just need to rant about my day.

I know you'll always pick up my FaceTime calls, and I know I'll always have besties back home to hang out with. I know that one day if I get married, you'll all be standing by my side in bridesmaid dresses.

Thank you for maintaining a long-distance friendship. Thank you for doing your best and always checking in, even if it isn't always easy. Thank you for not letting our friendship drift, even though we're all at different schools doing our own thing. Thank you for everything. I was honestly blessed with amazing friends.

I am endlessly grateful for you. See you so soon!

Your Lifelong Best Friend