The end of my first year of college is coming to an end. This year felt like the fastest year of my life and I am definitely not kidding when I say that. It was the first day of college, then next thing you know it's winter break and then right after that there's barely a month left of the spring semester. College sure does give you a taste of what it's truly like to be an adult.

It's crazy that just one year ago around this time I was finishing my last year of high school. A question that I'll often get asked is if I miss high school or if I would ever do it again, and honestly, there are certain things I wish I could've done differently but overall, I wouldn't redo what apparently are "the best 4 years of my life."

During my freshman and some of my sophomore year of high school, I didn't try much. I always thought that your junior and senior grades mattered most when deciding on a college, but I was wrong. My grades weren't terrible but could've been better. I mean at this point in my life I wasn't even considering a college yet.

Popularity was at the top of the meter for me. I wanted to be friends with everyone, wanted to hang out with everyone, all of that. Looking back, popularity doesn't define you at all. Peaking in high school doesn't really do much for you for the rest of your life. My early years weren't the worst, I made some great friends and experienced many firsts of high school.

When sophomore year really hit me, next thing I knew, I was 16 and just passed my driver's test. Getting a job was my prime concern of this year, I worked a lot all throughout high school since I paid for my gas for my car, new clothes, etc. I encountered my first "real" relationship this year as well. I ended up picking hanging out with my significant other over my friends most of the time which is one thing I really regret most.

I was going through my honeymoon stage and never even realized that I was making my friends my last priority. High school relationships are messy. We're young. We're all changing and still trying to figure out who we are during this time.

Junior year is the one year I really wish I could redo, all just because of one class. Chemistry. I did not do well at all in that class... I would've definitely taken the other chemistry class that was available at my school. I also had to take my ACT. Luckily, I only took it once because I actually achieved my score goal on the first try.

I got to go to all my high school sporting events to cheer on my team which was nice. When I got my first job, I kept it all throughout high school. I worked pretty much every weekend during the school year. If I could go back, I would change how much I worked because sometimes I did miss out on some fun events with my friends because of my work schedule.

The advice I would give myself if I got to repeat high school would be to enjoy myself more. I always focused on other people and what they thought. Now looking back, it doesn't matter at all of what they thought, it only should've mattered if I was happy.

Throughout high school, I met some of my greatest friends, achieved well in the sport I played and got into my first choice for college. Of course, everyone is going to have some moments they regret during those years, but if I had the opportunity to go back and do it again, I wouldn't.

I believe everything happened for a reason during that time. Yes, high school was fun and I have made a lot of memories that I'll remember forever through it, but we all have to grow up at some point.