A girl is not high-maintenance for NOT wanting to SETTLE.

There have been many instances where girls have said they haven't met a man that they felt would make them happy, and for that have been called "high maintenance," or looked down upon because "men like that only exist in movies."

But how is it wrong to want something for yourself that would make you happy?

And to not settle for someone just because other people don't believe that someone that amazing could be out there for you? It is NO way anyone else's place to judge you for your standards. Set them as high as you want, sis, because you deserve the best and if the best is what other girls call "unattainable," then let them settle if they want.

It is these words of discouragement that allows girls to get into relationships that are abusive or just don't work out. Then they go around with the idea that "love doesn't exist" and spread that message to even more girls.

At that point, even nice guys that exist start to give up and assume that girls only want to be with guys that treat them horribly, and then they go on to pursue a lifestyle like that. Who wins? NOBODY!

Once we get the thought out of girls' heads that they are not any less worthy, or at all stupid, for wanting a man that is loyal, kind, respectful, or anything that a girl-who-settled-for-less claims "is not going to happen," love will FLOURISH in our communities.

Not only in relationships but for ourselves as well! Once we repeat the thought in our heads that we ARE deserving of only the best kind of love, we BECOME that kind of love that we desire. And eventually, we will find someone that meets those "high standards" that we have created.

Don't settle for anything or anyone less than what you deserve simply because others called you "high maintenance."

You are perfectly happy being single and living your best life right now, and when you one day actually meet the person that goes above and beyond your wildest dreams, you'll be glad that you waited until you got what you deserve.