Will we have HGV driver shortage again in winter 2019?
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Will we have HGV driver shortage again in winter 2019?

In the United Kingdom, there is currently a shortage of authorized and qualified heavy truck drivers

Will we have HGV driver shortage again in winter 2019?

This has an impact on the road transport industry, as well as on the UK economy and currently shows no signs of improvement. The United Kingdom currently has less than 60,000 truck drivers and it is expected that by 2020 there will be a deficit of 150,000 drivers.

With the average age of truck drivers of 53 years, much higher than the national average, and only 2% of those under 25, many drivers are approaching retirement while there are not enough young drivers to replace them

The shortage of truck drivers limits the ability of the transportation industry to provide high quality services. The shortage is almost due to lack of HGV training course. If something is not done to attract more drivers to the industry, the shortage will have a big impact on goods delivered to the UK and beyond.

What are the causes of the shortage of heavyweight controllers?

Many factors contribute to the shortage of qualified drivers, here are some examples attributed to the shortage.

An aging workforce

With an average age of 53 and 13% of drivers of heavy vehicles over 60, the lack of new drivers to replace retirees is a major concern.

Economic growth

Economic growth at the national and international levels has increased the demand for truck drivers to move more goods.

More European directives

The introduction of the controversial CPC controller has forced experienced drivers to take additional training. This has been deemed too much for many drivers who have chosen to retire instead of completing the driver's CPC.

Perception of the industry.

Transportation and logistics are not generally considered the preferred sector for career-seeking people. It is hard to escape the impression that roles within the industry primarily involve movement and elevation.


The problems of the French port have a negative impact on the industry in general. The press coverage that accompanies it has shown the nation that driving a heavy vehicle can be dangerous. Several incidents of drivers threatened and intimidated by desperate migrant groups trying to access their trucks. This type of bad press will certainly have an impact on the perception of the role of truck drivers.

Financial costs to become a truck driver

There are some things that a potential truck driver must pay to qualify. The cost of driving tests, doctors, initial CPCs and a digital tachograph card. All of these costs, even before finding a job, are a major obstacle and most people who want to become truck drivers do not have the necessary funds in advance. For potential employment gains, upfront costs are difficult to justify.

Lack of acceptable facilities

It seems that drivers of heavy commercial vehicles are very worried about the conditions in which they work. The lack of acceptable facilities, such as clean and functioning petrol stations and safe and secure truck fleets, does not help morale and does not hold back existing drivers.


The Labor government opened the door to the EU labor force 10 years ago and since then, the influx of foreign heavy-duty drivers who will work for a lot less difficult than a truck driver is gaining in the UK A good salary Transport operators choose to bring drivers from countries such as Poland and Lithuania because they can pay less instead of choosing local drivers. As a result, wages within the industry seem to have remained low despite strong demand.

Insurance companies

Many transport operators do not accept drivers under the age of 25, even if they are qualified, because insurance premiums would be too high. This is another barrier that prevents young people from becoming heavy-duty drivers.

Work-life balance

Long hours away from home certainly have an impact on the number of people joining the industry. There is a need to find a better work-life balance so that drivers do not have to spend a lot of time away from friends and family.

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