What is HGH Deficiency? And how is it related to weight loss?

What is HGH Deficiency? And how is it related to weight loss?

If you are unable to lose weight, you are deficient on HGH.


In some cases it happens that you are following a healthy diet, but still you are unable to lose weight. Or rather, your weight still keeps on increasing even when you are eating healthy. Why do you think this happens?

A common reason for this is HGH deficiency. You could have this deficiency if you are unable to lose those extra pounds from your belly. And various studies have been conducted in the past which proves this fact. So while we look at how all of this happens, let's first see what HGH deficiency is.

What is HGH Deficiency

HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone. This hormone is produced by the pituitary gland in the brain. For kids, it is responsible for their growth. While in adults, this hormone is responsible for lowering the body fat, increasing muscle mass, preventing organ and bone deterioration, and much more.

When a person enters the age of 30s, the levels of this hormone begins to go down, making it difficult for the body to stay slim and active. As you grow older, HGH continues to decrease, leading to many aging symptoms. You start seeing wrinkles on your face, start becoming fat, your energy decreases, and so on. This HGH deficiency leads to a lot of problems as you continue to grow old.

You can go to this website if you wish to read more about HGH and how to handle this deficiency.

How you can use HGH for weight loss

Now that you know that HGH deficiency can cause you to gain weight amongst other side effects, how can you treat it?

To reverse it, you need to take HGH therapy or supplements. But before that, visit your doctor and see whether you should really take these supplements or not. Not every overweight problem can be solved with HGH injections or therapy. You might not be deficient in HGH, so taking injections may worsen your situation.

If your doctor prescribes you HGH, there are various options to choose from. You can go for synthetic HGH injections, which your doctor might teach you how to inject. Or you can also go for over the counter HGH supplements like genf20 Plus, which can be readily available in your nearby stores or online.

These supplements will kick start your weight loss process, and with a healthy diet, you will notice drastic effects.

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You Are Only The Main Character In Your Own Life

It's a hard truth to face, but in everyone else's life, you are only a background character.


You are the main character in your own life.

This is an obvious truth.

The not so obvious truth is the fact that you are a background character in everyone else's life.

Imagine this. You are getting dressed one morning, deciding whether or not you want to wear red pants, because you are afraid of what other people think. You're worried people are going to judge you, or pass comments on your red pants, or point you out to their friends and talk about you and think about you and your red pants all day long.

Here is the honest truth. This won't happen.

We are quick to worry about what others think of us and assume that other people care much, much more than they actually do because we are the main character in our own lives. To us, we are the most important. You are the star of your own show, dedicated to you for your entire life, with hundreds of thousands of people as background characters. This holds true for you, it holds true for me, it holds true for the person who made your coffee order today or the girl you saw in the grocery store.

Do you know what this truth means? It means that literally, no one cares.

No one cares if you wear the red pants.

No one cares if you cut your hair or get a tattoo or post an Instagram picture with a different edit than usual.

We might think that people care because we don't realize that we are only background characters in other people's lives.

As your temporary, honorary internet spokesperson, I am here to tell you this: since no one cares, you should just do whatever it is that you want to do.

Post two times a day. Three times a day. Seven times a day. Document your life unapologetically. Go through radical changes. Go through subtle changes. Literally just do whatever it is that you want to do because yes, people might think about it for a second. They might stop and show their friend a picture and say "oh, look, _____ went skydiving today" or "____ got a nose piercing". And that will be the end of it. And they will move on. And the next day they will not even remember it.

You are the main character in your own life. So write your own story. Do not let others dictate your novel. Background characters are in the background for a reason.

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Is Coffee made by Coffee Machines just as Delicious as Conventional Coffees?

Well, you definitely cannot get the variety with coffee machines.


If we talk about taste, there is not much of a difference. Many people like to drink coffee prepared on stoves, while some like to sip the coffee from coffee machines. Both of them are delicious, because there are numerous ways to make coffee with either of the 2 options.

There are numerous coffee machines which produce different kinds of coffees. So you really cannot compare both the options when it comes to taste. But there are other factors as well, which can prompt you to take a decision if you are wondering on whether you should buy a coffee machine or not.


Well, coffee made on traditional stoves is definitely cheaper than the machines. But then, in the case of machines, that is just a one time cost. Going by the cost factor, home made coffee is a better option if you are tight on budget but still enjoy coffee.

Ease of making

But then again, if price is the only factor for you, then making coffee on stove is better. But if you wish to get some ease of making, go with machines. When you are operating a machine, all you need to do is gather the ingredients and put in the machine. You are going to get a great coffee immediately.

Conventional method requires you to follow certain steps if you wish to get an amazing taste of coffee. But the machine is just a click away to give you a wonderful taste.

High Variety

There are so many kinds of coffee in the world. And you cannot make each and every type yourself. So here, machines come handy a lot. For the liking you have, such as espresso, macchiato, latte, etc. you will find various kinds of coffee machines which will make work easy for you. You can even have a look at some of the best machines at vivakoffie which are surely going to give you a taste to remember.

This variety encourages people to go with the coffee machines and make things easy for you. So overall, if I have to rate conventional coffee and coffee machines, I would surely rank coffee machines higher.

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