Hey World, We Are Doing The Worst

Hey World, We Are Doing The Worst

Time to step up and stand out.

My morning started off by me stepping on a powdered donut.

I laughed about it and went on with my day thinking "today will be good. It will be filled with laughs."

I walked into my 9 a.m. and my professor told us our test on Friday is going to be moved to Monday and I knew that today would be a great day.

That 9 a.m. class has 84 people in it. 84 students from different states, different families, different religions, different everything, but all united by this joy of our test being moved back not just a day, but a whole weekend.

Soon after that joyous news, our professor introduced three students who would be sharing their lives with us and myself and the rest of my class would soon come to learn that they would be the sole reason our test is now on Monday.

They were introduced as a part of the LGBTQ+ community and almost instantly the mood in the room changed to extremely positive to an extreme mix of various emotions. People made faces and comments, but we all sat there because attendance is mandatory and a test grade.

To put it all in simpler terms: most of us were outraged.

41 minutes past and 84 students packed up their bags and quickly walked out the door.

I have never called my dad quicker in my life.

I was furious and had to stop his day so that he could focus on mine. I was expecting him to explode, pull me out of school, and force me to move into our church back home, but he didn't. As I was talking to my dad and he was saying all of these things to me to calm me down and give me perspective almost all I could hear was " you sin too."

That's the truth- I do sin. All the time. I make mistakes. I lie. I fall short every. single. day. It's almost embarrassing how much of a sinner I am.

It took me a total of an hour and 15 minutes to realize that I needed to be forced to sit through that class because I have been failing miserably at loving people. As a Christian, I have been doing the absolute worst at being forgiving and loving. I have expected more from people, but not given those people what they deserve.

I have been focusing more on the fact that I stepped on a powdered donut than I have loving people.

Today, 84 students sat through a class most of them really had zero interest in sitting through. I would say that 80% of those students called their parents- like I did- to complain about how our professor gave us zero option about being in that class today.

Today, 84 students were told how unaccepting we are. How unloving we are. How discriminatory we are.

Today, one student saw the truth. Saw that yes, we are unaccepting. Yes, we are unloving. And yes, we need to fix it, but not in the way the three students who spoke to my class were asking us to.

I am here and I am saying: I hear you, I see you, I love you, and I am praying for you. I am praying that we all become more loving. That we all becoming more forgiving. That we all focus on what is good and what is true rather than what the world sections us off as.

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Why Are We Afraid Of Our Fellow Man?

And Other Daily Ruminations

So, if I could, I’d love instead to title this piece, “7 Reasons Why We Are Afraid Of Our Fellow Man.” But I don’t have the answers. In fact, I simply wonder how our society has become the way it is… and maybe, if we can answer this question, we can start looking into answering, “Well, then, what can we maybe do to change things?”

So… wait, what was I going on about again? Ah, right. Our fellow man. Well, as tends to occur, I had another revelation making my way across our beautiful campus today. I was minding my own business, listening to something nice on my wireless and marching along when I began to take notice of the life around me. As I have mentioned in previous articles — I meditate. And if there’s one thing that meditation teaches you it’s to be aware of the present — the sun on your face, the wind caressing your skin, and the thousands of people around you creating that beautiful hustle and bustle that is life.

Well, today, for the first time, I didn’t see that hustle and bustle. I saw a thousand different humans, all with aspirations and families and stories. Humans who woke up with a dream, or maybe today were too tired to dream. The thing is, today, I zoomed in. I started to take note of their expressions. Eyes straight forward, lips sealed. Eyes straight downward, phone in hand -zoned out. Everyone in their own little bubble. Bubbles aren’t bad — I like bubbles. But what is bad is that that bubble is a shield. Walking around, people don’t smile at each other — in fact, they do just about everything to avoid each other’s glances. The only time someone talks to you is either if they know you or to complement your ass. It’s sad.

I remember in high school, you’re always hyper aware of what people think of you. How you look in relation to them, the differences in your speech, your popularity, your family fortune (what fortune? lol). But we’re not in high school anymore. The problem is, at this point, elevator conversations no longer exist. Random friendships made in the street no longer really…exist. We all share at least one mutual friend… our “smart”phone which has done just about everything but make us smart. In no sense do I under-appreciate technology and all it has done for us, but I also cannot ignore that a detrimental repercussion does exist.

I don’t know about you, but I feel that it’s quite wrong that I feel strange publicly starting off into space to enter thought, rather than staring down at my phone to enter Instagram. We’re slowly becoming less human, I think - seeking connection less - now that we coexist comfortably with a telephone is never gonna judge us. We’ve found an easy way out of awkward elevator rides with strangers, of where to look when we walk, but I feel that if anything, the phone has completely hidden from our view the real solution here — to stop being so damn afraid of that spontaneous glance or conversation.

It’s beautiful to walk around and realize that each person you pass has a life of their own, dreams of their own. It’s beautiful to share a smile and maybe even make their day. It’s amazing to make a new friend simply because you ended up riding the same elevator. Stop being so afraid that someone’s going to judge you. If they do, they’re not even worth your thought because they’re immature, and for your information, probably a thousand times more self conscious than you are.

Make friends — I urge you. And I don’t mean on Tinder. Talk to people. There are so, so many incredible individuals out there that have a lot more in common with you than you think, and like you, are probably just scared to start a conversation. Life really becomes beautiful when you actually allow yourself to experience it.

So start doing it. Get out there. Live! And don’t be afraid to start a conversation with an interesting stranger because

“Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” -Bernard Baruch-

Cover Image Credit: @littleleeboo

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Finding Inspiration As A Writer


Odyssey is fantastic. I love writing, so I can write something fun or silly, or do a list of something if I experience a brain fart.

However, with million of writers posting articles everyday, how do I create original content? Yes, there are endless things to write, until you realize that four other people wrote about the same topic, with the same title.

The articles posted on Odyssey's Facebook page are very creative, and I struggle with that. Before I plan to write any article, I think about "Is this a popular topic and are there similar articles published?" 90% of the time, it's a yes. I only began writing recently but how does one get acknowledged in the remaining 10%?.

1. Will it appeal to my audience? What is the intended audience?

2. Why does this matter? What type of message does it send?

I wish I had more of an exciting life, so I could write about my extravagant adventures and greatest accomplishments.

I overthink a lot and put a lot of energy into what is something my audience would be interested in. How can I expand my horizons as a writer?

My first article was a listicle, because I was just getting started, until I found more ideas related to family, culture and concentrating on what makes me 'unique'. I hope that my future articles will continue to reflect the kind of person am I and that my experiences can inspire/bring change in a positive manner.

Don't get me wrong... those listicles are great for a good chuckle, but it doesn't leave you with anything life changing. In that manner, I love that Odyssey challenges me to expand outside the box and bring new ideas to the table, with every article.

It's not impossible, but it does require planning ahead and communicating with others to understand what they are interested in and what questions they would want someone to answer.

In the end, Odyssey is fun and my team at Syracuse is extremely supportive. As I publish every article, I see myself getting closer to my dream to build a career in Journalism.

On that note, thanks Odyssey for allowing others to share their voices with everyone and for pushing me every week to become a better writer.

Cover Image Credit: Grammarly

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