As a current resident of Madison, New Jersey for almost four years, I think I have a right to write this post.

I have had to use NJTransit for a lot of things, going home, going to the city fro classes, going for an opportunity. Therefore, I am kind of an expert. And furthermore, I know that it sucks.

First of all, most stations have no waiting area, or a waiting area that is only open for a certain amount of time. If you have to take a train in the winter, like I did yesterday, you have to wait outside and brave the elements. You're telling me that you can't leave the damn waiting room open? What is it going to terribly inconvenience you?! I don't think so!

And last week, I had the worst train experience of my life.

First of all, the train lost power. Okay, things happen. Then, they try to re-power it, nothing happens. Then, they try to put it into "diesel mode," whatever that means. Again, nothing happens. The train is basically dead. And we are nowhere close to the platform, so we have to get pushed to a nearby platform. This also delayed every other train, and caused every other train to be packed.

Now why is this a big deal? Well, because most of NJTransit's trains are old as fuck. You're telling me they can't have this solved by now. That they have absolutely no budget to get a new engine?

Also today, there was a random train car just speeding by, without any explanation. That's not a big deal, but it's still annoying.