Hey Little Sis, You're Going To Do Alright While I'm At College

Goodbye is never easy. If it was, then perhaps goodbye would be called a different word and wouldn't be followed with as many sad feelings. Saying goodbye gets harder each time because of how close we are and of all the good times we share together. I know that it seems like the time I'm gone seems like forever and the days we will spend apart will be difficult, but I promise it won't be. For the first couple of weeks, yes, it will seem like the hours turn into days and the days will turn into weeks; it seems like we are centuries from seeing each other. Yes, it will be hard, but it get's better and things will look up. I promise. Before you know it, you will be so busy with your own activities at home, that it will seem pretty cool to have even more time to yourself and more room in the house (just don't go in my room). And not before long, I will be home again to be by your side, partner in crime, but also to bug you a bit. So remember, when you think that you miss me a little extra, I'm probably doing the same, so don't be afraid to call me.

After all, I love you mostest

~your sister

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