He wondered how she'd take it when he said goodbye...

When it first happened, she took it hard - incredibly hard. She cried at anything that reminded her of him.

She cried when a song they used to sing along to while riding in the car came on.

She felt her chest tighten up when she saw a vehicle that looked like his.

She blamed herself for everything that happened.

She hung her head down thinking that nothing would ever be the same again because not only had she lost her best friend but the person who made such a big impression in her life.

She prayed desperate prayers to God, hoping that he would grant her a wish just this one time.

God heard her prayers but he realized that there was something better that he could bless her with and did.

God blessed her with the strength to stop blaming herself for a decision that she couldn't control. He blessed her the strength to see that she was worthy of better. And, most importantly, he blessed her with the strength and confidence to finally put herself out there and let herself go.

By letting herself go, she finally was able think and do what would make her happy rather than do what was expected of her in order to make someone else happy. When she let herself go, she learned how to do new things. She made new friends. She worked at bettering herself both physically and emotionally. She regained her smile and began to laugh again, only this time, it wasn't fake and forced, it was real. And, perhaps the biggest blessing of all is that she finally discovered how to be genuinely happy on her own without the presence of another person.

It's taken a long time for her to get to this point, but the funny thing is, is that the point she is at now isn't the final destination of her self-discovery. This journey is far from over, but looking back on where she came from compared to where she is now, everything has changed.However, this time, the change was for the better. Because she finally let herself go, she is far happier and far stronger than she was previously and if she's being honest, ever thought she could be. No one can ever take the happiness that she has discovered because this was something she found on her own without any man and that is a huge accomplishment.

So, when he wonders how she took it when he said goodbye, she took it as a chance to finally let herself go. She took this time to focus on herself and what makes her happy. For now, focusing on herself and her own happiness is all that she needs. When she sees him again, she doesn't cry or wish for the past. Instead, she says thank you. Thank you for forcing her to finally be selfish and think of herself first. One day, she will get tired of discovering things about herself and want to discover the intricacies of another person. When that time comes, she will slowly but surely fall head over heels again. But that day isn't today. Today is all about her and there's nothing wrong with that.