Take This Year And Make It The Year Of You

Every school year starts off the same way. Excitement for the new year, with big hopes and plans to accomplish in the next coming months. The year goes on and we might cross a few things off the list, or even add to it to try and make every minute of the school year count. But unfortunately, as we near the end of the school year, we come to the realization that we have not even crossed off half of this list. Leaving us disappointed ourselves, but now is not the time to take pity on ourselves, now is the time to get out there and make this the year we want, the year we dream of, and here it is to junior year of college.

Here's to making sure we get up at a decent time to get ready before class. Make sure we can brush our hair and teeth and put on some clothes that do not look like I rolled out of bed and showed up. Here's to going to bed at a decent hour and not staying up into the late hours watching Netflix. Sleep is valuable and not something that should be taken for granted.

Here's to trying to eat a healthy balanced diet. It's ok every once in a while to eat some chicken nuggets or pizza but it shouldn't be eaten every day of the week. Here's to working out at least twice a week. Something as small as going on a walk or doing yoga suffices, you don't need to hit the gym five days a week.

Here's to you planning accordingly. An end-of-the-semester project? Don't wait until the week before it's due to begin, slowly work on it every week of the semester. Make sure to plan enough time each night to study and do homework. Have to plan around a work schedule? Do so that you're not going to have to come home from work and study for nine hours space it out so you can breathe and don't feel overwhelmed.

Here's to making new social connections. As much fun as it is to stay at home on a Friday night and watch Netflix in your jimmies, go out sometimes. Go try that new place, break out the cute new outfit and take in every moment. These are precious years of our lives we can't get back, enjoy them while you can.

So here's to every student everywhere wanting to make the year count. Make your yearly to-do list and go out and crush them. Here's to the year of you!

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