As you have known, I am currently watching a new Korean Drama called "Her Private Life," starring Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young. There are only six episodes so far and I am very impressed with the story as well as the chemistry! Not to mention, they have fascinating quotes you can learn from!

1. "Fangirling isn't something that's created. It's something you're born with."

Boy, does this quote mean a lot! Fangirling is a gift that shouldn't be something to be looked down upon. Fangirling is what makes a person happier and more motivated in life. In fact, it unleashes the inner child in you, regardless whether you're an adult. And I think fangirling is a gift that everyone should make use of.

2. "It's easy to talk about value with just reputation and price. But recognizing the true value of an art piece is not something anyone can do."

The value of art shouldn't be measured by popularity. I know some things that are considered popular can be very overrated. Even the favorite movies I like are the ones that are not so popular as what people are into these days. And these days, people are appreciating the Disney live actions more than their 2-D animated predecessors, which I find very sad to believe. Up to this day, I prefer watching Disney animated films over their live-action successors. Like the quote says, recognizing the true value of an art piece is not something anyone can do.

3. "People can always betray you, but money never does."

I cannot disagree any less. Yes, there will be people who will stab you in the back and there will be even friends who talk behind your back. But money is always there to back you up. Whenever you're sad or having a bad day, go spend some of that hard work on something you like and cheer yourself up!

4. "Art may be great but it can't be greater than a living human being. I'm still greater than those paintings that are hung on that wall. Because I am a living being and I will continue to live."

This is such a powerful quote. There is indeed a huge difference between art and a living human being. Even though art can get a lot of praise, it can never live up to a living human being who has so much experience. As a living human being, we learn to embrace the sad and happy things in our life. That is to say that we have the strength to endure all that, which is something we should be very proud of. Living human beings are very strong!

5. "If you want to hold someone's hand or if you don't want to let it go, I'll let you borrow my hand."

There is so much kindness in this quote! Doesn't this make your heart touched? Don't you want to be that friend who lends a hand to those who need it?

Do these quotes leave you inspired? If they do, try out watching "Her Private Life!" It's definitely worth your time!