To any reading this—my words and thoughts here are less informative than they are expressive. I really just wanted to expose my own feelings to others as a way of making you think or just showing you how I have been processing the latest in environmental news.

For the past week or so, I've spent days thinking about the impending 'end of the world' that is apparently fast approaching. This news that we have environmentally doomed ourselves isn't anything super new, but for some reason, it has been on my mind a lot lately. The other day I even asked my roommates about it and they seem to share the same grim outlook that many are saying is just a matter of a time until it happens. It breaks my heart in such a profound way and I can only imagine that all of the other college students and young people of the world feel at least somewhat as hopeless as I have been feeling lately.

From the perspective of a college student, I feel like there is no point in anything I'm doing now because it all seems futile in the face of the approaching apocalypse. I have so many aspirations and goals for my future that don't even seem worth pursuing sometimes. I hope that children can stay naive of this climatic catastrophe for as long as possible.

And what of the people, cultures, and places that will be lost once the sea level rises beyond an amount that is no longer manageable? Places like Venice and Shanghai, or even places here in the United States like Charleston and New Orleans, that will still be impacted by immense flooding even if we as a global community are able to slow down rising temperatures. All of the history, monuments, living areas that have evolved over the past centuries- gone in a much shorter amount of time.

I imagine an ant hill and how long it must have taken them to construct it. They're all so small and yet they have still managed to craft an entire network and colony that can sometimes stand over a foot above the ground. Yet, a child could easily kick it over and destroy it all in an instant. I feel like we are those ants—we have spent so long creating and evolving humanity as we know it and now it seems it will all be wiped away. Thousands of years of work just toppled over so quickly. I've never felt more helpless in the shadow of a future I don't think I can control like I thought I could anymore.

The salt to this growing wound is the leadership of our own country. They consistently deny that anything will happen while it is already happening. I want to scream in their faces, "YOU are sentencing us all to death", but I doubt they would care. Others have screamed in their faces and obviously, it hasn't helped. Of course, we can vote and put new people who will listen to our cries and attempt to fix what we have all so systematically destroyed. But is it too late? They say it is still possible to save the world, but how realistic is it really? I see and read all these articles predicting different outcomes and possibilities, but I don't even know which ones to believe anymore.