5 Helpful Tips For Spring Cleaning
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5 Helpful Tips For Spring Cleaning

Everyone loves a good spring clean, it refreshes you!

5 Helpful Tips For Spring Cleaning

What better way to get ready for the spring weather than with a spring cleaning? The flowers are blooming again and the air smells a little sweeter because of it. Here I will give you the tips and tricks to say goodbye to that shirt stuffed in the back of the drawer.

1. Start thinking where most of your junk piles up.

Does everything accumulate in your bathroom? Closet? Desk? For me, I always throw stuff on my desk and chair that soon starts to pile up. Next thing you know, I have books scrambled under my desk and a years worth of papers stored on my desk collecting dust. Start where you have the most junk that can be thrown away or discarded. It is important to focus on the place that collects the most stuff. This will help make everything a little less intimidating.

2. Go through bathroom drawers.

Lots of old, out of date products can collect in bathroom drawers. Check the expiration date and see if it needs to be thrown away. You can also invest in dividers for bathroom drawers that help organize products neatly. When cleaning and reorganizing your drawers, put the things that you will use the most front and center so you can easily grab them. Toothpaste, deodorant and your favorite chap stick are prime examples.

3. Discard old, worn out clothes.

Everyone has clothes stuffed in the back of their drawers that need to be dropped off at Goodwill or another charity. Instead of discarding old clothes to the trash can, think about giving them away so someone in need can wear them. If you are unsure about whether or not to keep a clothing item, try it on, see if it fits, and determine if you could see yourself wearing that item again. If not, it is probably just taking up space in your drawers.

4. Vacuum!

Once you clean clothes off the floor, or books, shoes that have been laying around, it is time to vacuum! Dust accumulates so quickly and crumbs get trapped especially in carpet. Vacuuming will help get rid of loose hair, crumbs, small trash items and improve the overall cleanliness of your carpet or floor.

5. Clorox and clean.

Counter tops get dirty. Period. As much as you try and clean, they always get dirty again. This is especially in the kitchen. Use Clorox wipes on kitchen counter-tops and bathroom surfaces to remove nasty bacteria. I always keep a box of Clorox wipes to clean toothpaste stains and makeup residue. Clorox wipes also work great on commonly touched surfaces like door handles, tv remotes, and the fridge handle. Germs are everywhere and the last thing you need is to get sick.

All these are important, useful tasks to do when spring cleaning. Instead of doing it all at once, you can always incorporate it into a daily routine to take the stress off of it all piling up till the end!

Happy cleaning!

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