Two days ago I decided to update my phone to the brand spankin' new iOS 10.

I was playing with the larger emojis and handy little features when all of a sudden, I saw it: a faded Snapchat app icon in the far right corner of my screen. At first glance, I figured my Snapchat was just updating itself and that it would reload in a minute or two. I tried tapping on the icon (I have since tapped on it a good couple thousand times) and nothing happened. I tried re-downloading it from the App Store, but it only redirected me back to my cold, dead Snapchat icon. I began frantically googling possible solutions to my phone problem. Hard reset? Didn't do squat. Syncing it to a computer? No siree. I have since been silently panicking each time I unlock my phone and witness the gravesite where my Snapchat used to thrive.

Snapchat has been the one social media that I have used religiously since it hit the app-waves sometime during high school. Facebook is eh; Instagram is just not my jam. But Snapchat and I have been tight for years, and we continue to build our relationship as the app progresses its features. I kid you not; I snap my friends the most heinous faces before I even fully open my eyes in the mornings. And don't even get me started about the glorious feature that is the Snapchat Story. I am mourning the loss of my best friend, and while I know that I am just being a dramatic 21-year-old about the whole thing, I really do feel lost without my little ghost buddy brightening up my day.

We've heard it all before. Us 'millennials' need to get our heads out of our phones and become more present in actual human society. I know, I know, I am going to be a much happier, free-er person as a result of not being tied down to Snapchat. And I agree with these statements; I do use Snapchat as a means of communicating with my friends instead of calling them, and I do find myself playing with it at certain times when I definitely shouldn't be. I have been reminding myself over and over again that I will survive-- that there is life after Snapchat-- even though I feel like I have just shriveled up into a snap-less raisin of a human. OK, I'm over-exaggerating. It's not that bad. I am going to try as hard as I can to embrace a life of not testing out the new snap filter or searching for a fire geotag wherever I go. I will be liberated!

But, honestly, if anyone knows how to fix this Snapchat issue, S.O.S. I'll buy you a burrito if you are able to bring my beloved app back to life.