Helly Luv: The Kurdish Wonder Woman
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Politics and Activism

Helly Luv: The Kurdish Wonder Woman

This pop star stood up for what's right, and we should too.

Helly Luv: The Kurdish Wonder Woman
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Today, the world is plagued by religious wars in the Middle East and for some, Islam is seen as radical and is related with terrorism. The radical jihadist militant group, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, translated with Syria, more commonly known to the world as ISIS, are followers of Sunni Islam. ISIS proclaimed themselves as the worldwide caliphate in 2014, and as a caliphate, they claim religious, political, and military control over Muslims around the world. They also enforce sharia law in their own interpretation and have been labeled as a terrorist group by the United Nations. ISIS is responsible for the murders of innocent individuals who challenge their authority. However, there is one woman who is on the ISIS "Most Wanted" list, a Kurdish pop star, Helly Luv.

Helly Luv was born under the name of Helan Abdullah. During the Persian Gulf War, her family escaped from Iraqi Kurdistan and fled to Iran, where she was born. They later came to Turkey and Helly Luv experienced poverty at an early age. Helly Luv and her family became citizens of Finland and she became interested in singing. After coming to America, she made her residence in Los Angeles, California and signed a record deal with G2 Music Group. Back in 2015, Helly Luv produced a song and a music video, called "Revolution", which was filmed a few kilometers away from the front line where Kurdish Peshmerga troops were fighting against ISIS. At the start of the video, a Kurdish village is about to be attacked by ISIS members in a tank. The video continues with Helly Luv walking up to the tank and holding up a banner with the words: "Stop The Violence."

Throughout the video, she wears Peshmerga clothing and uniforms, as well as undertaking military maneuvers with Kurdish troops. She spends part of her time living in the Kurdish capital of Irbil, which is a little over 50 miles from an ISIS military base. During the filming of "Revolution", sometimes the process had to be paused because of ISIS militants firing bullets her way, but she refused to be intimidated and continued to make the video until it was finished. She was inspired to write the song due to seeing the struggles of Yazidi refugees trying to escape from the control and authority of ISIS. Despite the extremely dangerous circumstances, Helly Luv said it was a risk worth taking.

Helly Luv said that her weapon to defeat ISIS is her music. She believes that unity and words are more powerful. In her own words, Helly Luv stated that she knew she was going up against the most dangerous terrorist group in the whole world. However, she also stated that if her life was at risk but she can also get the message around throughout the world, then it is worth it. She does this to support the Kurdish Peshmerga troops fighting against ISIS and to spread the message of peace throughout the world.

Some people say that the pop star has a death wish. However, I see her as an extremely brave woman taking a risk for her people and taking a stand against tyranny and radicalism. I always admire people who speak up and stand up for others. If this woman can stand up against the most dangerous terrorist group in the world, who says we can't stand up for what's right and for what we believe. This is why Helly Luv is a Wonder Woman. All it took was a share on Facebook for the video to go viral in my feed and that's how other people and I discovered her and her message. Thank you for inspiring girls, women, men, and nations to take a stand and stand up for what's right. You are truly an inspiration.

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