For a while I was convinced that heartbreak was just something great romantics liked to write about and include in their stories. It was always a fictional emotion, something that would inevitably turn up in a story that began with "Once upon a time...", but now I know just how real it can be. I think a misconception a lot of people have about heartbreak is that it's strictly romantic. Yes, some people experience it with someone that they love very much and romantically involved with, but what about everyone else that may love someone equally as much in a platonic or familial way. I cannot speak from personal experience regarding the former, I have yet to have the misfortune of having my heart broken; but the latter two I have experienced countless times.

Platonic love is somewhat of a mystery to me, I find it strange that I am able to instantly click with a few people in my life. I feel like they know me better than some of my longterm friends, yet the love I feel for my best friends that I just seem to happen upon is far greater than anything I have ever felt for some other people I have known forever. Maybe I'm just too intense and emotional, but when I find someone that I click with, I never want them to leave me because no one will ever get me like they do. That, my friends, is why platonic heartbreak is horrible; you lose someone you know so well, and in my cases you lose them because they just slip away. To me it feels like we were friends for maybe a year, and then it's awkward smiles and little conversations with a stranger. I don't know why this happens to me so much, but the feeling of losing a best friend purely because they've lost interest is a pain that hurts every single time.

Losing a loved family member is probably one of the toughest things anyone will ever have to face in their life time. The feeling is unlike any other; it's almost as if your heart is being compressed, that its getting smaller and smaller, a tightness builds in your chest, it's hard to breath, all you want to do is cry and escape. All you want to do is rip your own heart out so that the pain will finally subside, but instead you let it take you over. Morbid, I know, but it's the truth. That's why I'm not going to tell you how the rest feels because it's just as bad. Instead I'm going to be cliché and tell you how important it is to spend time with the people you love, and cherish it. It's true, life can fly by and we are all guilty of forgetting to appreciate our loved ones and the memories we make with them. We need to be conscious of what is going on around us, instead of plowing through our busy lives, we need to stop, take a break. Spend time with the people that really matter in your life, the people that you love, and appreciate it.