I was involved in a robbery once, and I did 6 months time.

I was an accomplice; wasn't thinking straight, made split decisions when I shouldn't have made decisions at all; I should've gathered my things and left but instead, I permitted his entrance.

When I testified months ago, this is what I told the faces gawking at me.

"I looked deep into his eyes and felt as if I had finally found a place to set my things down, a place to rest, a quiet space in this noisy dimension.

He was my rainbow after the rain, the ripe treasure at the end of that half circle expanding across the sky.

But it was fools gold.

What a fool to give away my master keys with one unsubstantial, please.

Don't you all understand that I am the victim? A thief broke into my house, he understayed his welcome, he took all that I had and gave none."

The crowd was silent. I was on trial...my body had put me on trial.

Then Heart spoke to me:

"Queen, your majesty, sweet child of the most high, don't you understand that he took and left and fled because his entrance was free.

He paid no price to enter into your flower garden, so when the rain came and flooded the grounds, he left and came when he pleased.

Darling, he had no commitment to thee.

He never had to stay to "get his money's worth" because you costed nothing.

You charged $0 but provided guarantees.

Tell us why you gave love so willingly?"

"I gave and I gave and I gave. Even when my cup was empty I used my tears as the water to fill up his cup, and I poured some more.

I poured till he took his cup away, and if he stayed I would have never stopped pouring.

Why did I do it?

I was no longer empty once I made him whole. "

"In the claims that your body has made against you, the court finds you guilty of larceny.

You are sentenced to solitude."