This weekend I was at the beach because, you know, it's fall in Florida. There was a nice breeze and I was laying down soaking up the sun and feeling the slight breeze that early October can bring, if you're lucky. I was flicking sand in the air with my toes, to the beat of a Backstreet Boys song. I would pop up from lounging ever couple of minutes to see if my boyfriend had found any shark's teeth. When I sat up, I couldn't hear the music anymore. You can imagine how problematic this would be, when "As Long As You Love Me" came on. I quickly went to turn up my phone, but it was already on full volume.

The volume hadn't changed from when my ear was close to the phone. My positioning changed. When it changed, the wind and waves were interfering with music.

This painted a picture of God's voice to me. When we are close to Him, without any distractions, it's easy to hear Him. When is that time for you? Your devotional time in the morning? Worship in your car? Whatever time it is, press into it. When Gods voice can fall on our ears, uninterrupted, we enter into true intimacy with him.

Life offers so many distractions. We are met daily with all sorts of wind and all sorts of waves. Some distractions aren't evil. They're regular old responsibilities in our life that we deem as "too important" to invite God into. We say to God, "this is my thing. I'll talk to you when I'm done". Maybe it's your job. Maybe it's a relationship. I've found that there's absolutely nothing in our lives that God doesn't want to be apart of. Seriously.

That's the thing. Gods not intimidated by our wind and waves. In fact, Biblically, the wind and waves are intimidated by HIM (psalm 89:9).

How do I know this? Because God loves me so much, he cares about my heart and mind SO much, that he whispered something transforming through a freaking Backstreet Boys song. Is that not just one hilarious example of how much God wants to be in the details of our days?

I guess since He knows the hairs on our heads, He wants to know the depths of our souls and our very favorite songs from the 90's pop scene.

God's not afraid to be in the details of your life. He's not ashamed of your secrets. He's not worried about your fears. He's not bored by your dreams. He's excited about your future. He's proud of your story. He's confident in your ability.

Don't tune God out when the wind and waves arise. Invite him in. The volume of His voice is never changing. He's as close as ever. Lean in. The more you listen, the clearer it sounds.