I've seen numerous articles dedicated to their freshmen year dorms, and honestly, I've had an amazing two semesters living in mine. However, while I did want to reflect on what a great year I've had in my dorm building, I wanted to do it with a little twist. My window overlooks an intersection of two roads, one of which is the loudest, busiest one on campus. Therefore, over the course of this first year, I've heard a wide variety of sounds and noises, and I wanted to document a few of the most notable of the year.

1. Skateboarders Down the Road

Nearly every night, I'd hear a clicking noise of numerous skateboarders rolling down the road. And as I was typing this, I heard them once again, reminding me of the whole semester.

2. Helicopters Landing

A few months in the semester, the building across the street so graciously installed a helicopter landing pad, probably a little more than 500 feet from my window. It was so great all year to hear helicopters landing at various times throughout the day.

3. Ambulances

There are two different hospitals in pretty good proximity to my building. As a result, there's almost a nightly string of ambulances racing by the main street next to my window, and almost always right as I was going to bed.

4. Police Cars

My school isn't in the "best" area, so another common sound out my window on a nightly basis was police cars zooming by. At least I know that there's some safety on standby.

5. Screaming

Another great thing about this college town: people love walking around town at all hours of the night. And sometimes those wanderers like to scream as they walk around, which is so awesome when you keep your windows open for a breeze.

6. Dogs Barking

I love dogs just as much as the next girl, but it's not always the best getting to hear them barking super loudly as I'm trying to study and do work throughout the day.

7. Random Conversations

I live on the 4th floor, so you probably wouldn't think that I can hear people's conversations too well. However, I can hear nearly any word spoken clear as day. And some of my greatest laughs of the year have been after hearing some people talk out the window.

8. Music from People's Cars

Like with the conversations, music also carries from the streets below up to my window. Thanks to all the drivers for letting me jam to your radio this year, even if you didn't know I was listening.

9. Trains

Another great thing about this town: transportation directly to the city. However, the train may be a good distance away, but the whistle surely sounds nice and close.

Thanks so much to the Honor's College for so many great memories and sounds this year. Will next year's dorm be even better? The answer is to be determined. Stay tuned!