When we're watching Netflix, Showtime, HBO GO, or Showtime, or anything else, we all feel like we have to eat something. It's psychology. Somehow we don't stop eating if our eyes are glued to a screen. Because we're going to keep doing it, here are some snacks and ideas to keep you from gaining extra pounds while binging so you can enjoy the best time of your life without stressing!

1. Nuts

Your jaw might start hurting but a bag of pistachios, walnuts, almonds, etc gives you the protein you need.

2. Skinny Pop Popcorn (or any healthy popcorn alternative)


You can find mini snack bags or huge bags of this at your local wholesale/grocery store (i.e. Costco, Sam's Club, etc.) Skinny Pop Popcorn is super healthy for you. There's also special popcorn for people with diabetes that's low in sugar or it's just a healthy alternative with less butter and oil.

3. Fruits

Of course, you can't go wrong with a bowl of mixed fruits etc. Super addicting and super healthy. It's the perfect combo!

4. Pretzel Crisps


There are the skinny and flavored version of pretzels. They're far more healthier and have flavors!!! How amazing!!

5. Real-Fruit Fruit Gummies

Some fruit gummies used artificially flavored fruit gummies. Try to avoid those. The real-fruit ones are super duper nice and great for you. They're found at your local grocery store and all you have to do is check the labels a few times to make sure you're grabbing the right ones!

6. Dried Fruit

Okay, this might sound disgusting, but some dried fruit tastes really good like pineapples or mangos. Sometimes, you can get them flavored, too!

7. Edamame 


This takes a while to make (since you may have to heat and all) but it's so worth it in the end! Hop on some lemon, pepper, salt, soy sauce and you're set to go. Edamame are an essential food that helps you in a lot of areas like protein and eyesight!

8. Your actual dinner, itself

For LONELY days ONLY, it's cool to just have your dinner in front of you and binge on your show with your amazing take-out or a home-cooked meal but only do this if you don't have company. Otherwise, not cool, dude.

9. Carrots and Hummus 

Photo Credit: Food Crafters

Carrots = healthy.

Hummus = healthy.

Hummus + Carrots = super duper healthy. Also, who can say no to hummus?

10. The healthy meatballs

Add marinara sauce and throw these babies in the oven and make them! You can usually find healthy meatballs at Whole Foods or your local grocery shop in the frozen aisle. Check it out! For my vegetarians, the veggies ones are available, too!

11. Guacamole


Guacamole by itself is amazing--if it's homemade. Usually, store bought ones can't be controlled with the oil and fat preservatives and artificial flavors they add, so if you're gonna binge Netflix, just take a minute to make your own bowl of guac.

BONUS TIP: There are such things as healthy chips. You just have to scavenge your stores for them. Enjoy those with your guac! :)

12. Frozen yogurt

Yeah okay, I get ice cream is amazing. But remember you're reading this article for healthy alternatives and ideas and unfortunately, it's frozen yogurt! But hey, with the right flavors you can't go wrong!

13. Apples (or celery) with peanut butter


A1! 10/10 recommend. It's amazing and will bring you right back to your childhood.

14. Jerky

There is beef and turkey and all sorts of jerky that is labelled at less fat or lean jerky, etc. I'm not much of a meat-eater so I'm not completely sure of the options but I have been told by many that there is skinny jerky available! Happy hunting!

15. Granola

Add some yogurt and some dried fruit and some notes and maybe even throw in some milk or a whole oatmeal. No regrets.

16. Tangerines or orange slices

Honestly, I do this all the time. It sounds weird but it's not.

Step 1: Peel a bunch of tangerines and oranges into a bowl.

Step 2: Throw on some salt and lemon and pepper! Whoo-hoo!

17. Boiled Chickpeas


I've had this snack as a kid and growing up it's always been a go to. Having these alone is satisfying but bland so don't forget the regular spicing: chilli powder, lemon, salt, and pepper. These are super good for you and not heavy at all!

18. Cool Whip and Strawberries


Cool Whip is basically whipped cream but a healthier version. Cool whip honestly goes with any fruit not necessarily strawberries, only, so feel free to go crazy. You can also mix your entire fruit salad into a small bowl of cool whip and instantly make a fruit custard/cream dish. Soft, creamy, healthy, and most of all DEE-LISH!!

19. Cucumbers (with tajín, if preferred)

For those of you who don't know what tajín is, you've definitely seen it. You've probably seen it in your grocery store at one point or another. A summary of it is that it's like salty, peppery, chili powder but so so good. It's a 10/10 condiment and spice. You can't go wrong cutting up a few cucumbers in general, but with tajín, you've entered a whole new world in your mouth.

20. Veggie Sticks / Chex Mix / Assortment Foods


By the title of this bullet, I hope you get what foods I'm referring, too. There are all found at your local grocery stores (esp. Costco). These two options, however, are to be careful with since they do contain a lot of sodium and are addictive. They are healthy snacks but just be mindful of how much you eat of these while you binge.

Veggie Sticks are straw-like chips that are made out of veggies (aka like carrots). They sound a little funky but we all love and eat them. Chex Mix has an assortment of crackers and pretzels-- a fan favorite. Any other assortments like trail mix or healthy snack mixes can easily be found full of nuts, dried fruits, proteins. Pick up one that suits your style and happy binging! :)