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The healthcare industry is now receiving the credit which was due decades ago. During the pandemic, people have realized how vital the dedicated people in the healthcare sector are. COVID has most certainly given rise to a newfound appreciation of the healthcare industry and raised awareness about these professionals' struggles every day.
In the last century, the healthcare sector has grown exponentially. Soon after the world wars, industry professionals could spend more time on research and thus made breakthroughs in the field, many of which led to life-saving treatment strategies. Once again, we credit them who dedicated their lives to researching. Without these medical health workers' assistance, we might not have achieved the success we currently have.

Though we are painting somewhat of a positive picture of the healthcare industry, there are many struggles and general challenges that the sector deals with every day. As ordinary citizens may not think about the industry's challenges, this article might shed some light on some of the everyday struggles they face.

Here are a few challenges which the healthcare industry faces and their solutions.

Short staffing

More often than not, the healthcare industry finds itself with a shortage of nurses in hospitals and clinics. Especially during the pandemic, existing nurses had to pull double and triple shifts to tend to the influx of patients during the COVID. Nurses are critical during this time as they often tend to the patients when doctors aren't around. Moreover, when a patient enters the hospitals, they are most likely stabilized by a nurse until a doctor can see them. Unfortunately, fewer people are pursuing education in the medical field. It shouldn't be the case, though. Perhaps the online incentive might make more people consider the option. Now it is easier than ever to pursue an online MSN degree while sitting in the comfort of your home! Pursuing a career in medicine, especially nursing, is one of the best ways to tackle the short staffing issue which the healthcare industry faces.

Inadequate facilities

If you live in some of the country's rural areas, your local hospitals might not have the best healthcare facilities. Hence, some people might not even choose to receive treatment and would rather drive to the neighboring country or city.
State funding is a significant issue when it comes to hospital facilities. If the state chooses to allocate resources to the local hospital on the outskirts of town, there is no issue. However, if they choose not to, the hospital might need to raise funds through donations, personal finance, or crowdfunding. Though we seldom see such cases in America, they do exists. However, they are much more common in developing countries than in the west.

The best way to tackle an issue is to contact the local senator or governor's office and raise awareness about the lack of funding for medical facilities in your community. More often than not, your concerns are likely to be entertained.

Compliance with state regulation

One of the most annoying and challenging aspects of working in the healthcare industry is compliance. Medical practice has to be in accordance with specific state laws. These laws are often changed from time to time. Therefore, you can imagine the difficulty that medical officials would face keeping up with compliance-related issues when busy trying to save people's lives.
There is rarely a way to work around the struggles of compliance. It would be best to educate the staff on following the protocols set down by the governing bodies or government regulations. Medical institutions have to follow the rulesor face the consequences; otherwise.

Issues with administration and management

We often forget that hospitals and clinics need to be run similar to how a business would be. We think that doctors and nurses are the sole members of the medical facilities. However, an equal number of administrative and support staff exists in these institutions to ensure that the place runs smoothly. To ensure that the resource allocation is efficient, healthcare managers and general administrative staff need to be competent.
Issues arise when there aren't enough people to work towards the facility's smooth running. Much like the nurses, healthcare administration is seeing a shortage of staff as well. If you are looking to make a difference in medicine while remaining in an administrative/ non-clinical role, consider pursuing a healthcare management major to help run healthcare institutions.

Losing a patient

One of the hardest things about the medical field is that the workers have to see death daily. During their stay in the hospital, patients develop a relationship with their attendants and vice-versa. It is only natural for people to form a bond with individuals whom they meet every day.
Ask any doctor or nurse, and they will tell you that losing a patient is one of the most challenging aspects of the job. Imagine spending time and effort trying to save a patient only to have them pass despite every effort. Grief is a genuine part of the job, one which the general public often forgets. It would be best to cope with the griefif doctors and nurses saw counselors/ therapists after hours. Not only could they benefit from catharsis related to grief, but the sheer stress of the job also.


The health industry, in general, has to deal with a considerable amount of challenges daily. Not many people consider how difficult their jobs are and the struggles they go through every day. Indeed, they may be high paying jobs. Still, it would be best if society acknowledges their efforts in the healthcare sector.Though doctors and nurses may demonstrate the utmost dedication, let us not forget about the administrative staff. Management officials have pulled all-nighters and work double shifts during the pandemic. But rarely are they acknowledged for it. Perhaps a newfound social awareness needs to be raised for these brave individuals who sacrifice time, effort, and cognitive strain. They ensure that they treat everyone who walks through the hospital doors to the best of their ability.
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