"I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn." - Anne Frank

I'd highly recommend these low-stakes, low-pressure journaling exercises for both those who are less and more experienced in the practice of pouring their heart out on the page. On a personal level, I've been free-hand journaling on a regular basis since the eighth grade, so I'm well aware of the emotional and practical benefits of that form of writing — however, I've found more value than expected in writing wholesome lists.

And the research does support the mood-boosting efforts of this sort of work, such as daily gratitude practices (e.g. listing out what you're grateful for each day). Even if all of the questions haven't been as thoroughly researched specifically, they're based on ways to increase self-compassion, self-kindness, and self-discovery. I've found that through my experience, these questions help to guide my daily life in the right direction and provide purpose and a sense of enrichment that otherwise wouldn't be there. Hopefully, it has a similar effect on you.

Some of these questions are more repeatable than others (e.g. gratitude), and other questions you can visit from time to time if you'd like. Though these exercises are framed as a 30-day challenge, you can frame it whichever way you find most helpful. You can just try out a couple of exercises, or you can do a lot over a time period — it's really up to you. I would recommend that you write down the questions somewhere or bookmark this page if you plan to revisit these questions.

Hopefully, you enjoy!

1. What are 10 ways you can bring more joy into your life? 

2. What are 10 things you're grateful for? 

3. What are 10 events that seemed unfortunate at the time, but actually led to great fortune? 

4. What are 10 good character traits that are inherent who you are, rather than what you can do for other people? 

5. What are 10 ways that you've grown as a person in the past 10 years? 

6. What are 10 ways you can show love for yourself? 

7. What are 10 things that it's time to forgive yourself for? 

8. What are 10 ways you can better treat yourself as a friend? 

9. What are 10 goals you have for the short-term or long-term? How are you working towards them? 

10. What are 10 things you should say to yourself when you've experienced disappointment in your life? 

11. What are 10 fun things you can do for yourself this week? 

12. What are 10 big or little things you can change in your life for the better? 

13. What are 10 things that cause you pleasure? 

14. What are 10 ways to treat yourself? 

15. What are 10 things you're looking forward to today? this week? month? year? 

16. What are 10 ways to comfort yourself when you are sad? 

17. What are 10 inspirational words/quotes that help you get through the day? 

18. What are 10 nice things you can say to or do for other people? 

19. What are 10 ways that you show love for a partner or friends? 

20. What are 10 things you appreciate about where you are at the moment, whether that means physically, personally, spiritually? 

21. What are 10 things that you wish your parents said to you as a child? 

22. What are the 10 most important things in your life right now? 

23. What are 10 things you appreciate most in other people? In yourself? 

24. What are 10 things that make you feel content? 

25. What are 10 things that you keep trying to push out of your mind? 

26. What are 10 fears that come to mind that you're afraid to think about? 

27. What are 10 friends/family members/mentors/resources you can reach out to when you want to talk? 

28. What are 10 things that bring you the most comfort? 

29. What are 10 things that inspire the feeling of awe? 

30. What are 10 things you love and hate talking about most?