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My name is Shaun Tatham I'm an Author, writer, activist and researcher. A Yoga instructor, meditation, fitness and self-development coach. I aim to give the public the latest alternative news and headlines on the global awakening as they come in from the world's leading experts.


All diseases are caused by the damage inflicted by this evil money-making tyranny. Trapped emotions from stress, poor diets, under-nutrophide bodies and chemical and biological toxicity. I have a recovery program which is an all-natural approach to removing from this system that will fully heal your body soul and mind.
Although Food and lifestyle choices do have a lot to do with your recovery, I also use different methods. Most people don't understand that we are not a solid mass. We are cells, energy and vibration just like the chair or seat we sit at. We are also made from 90% of bacteria. The rest is our DNA, we are spiritual beings and our subconscious minds and thoughts reflect our reality. So if we continually think negatively, and aggressively, we live in fear and hatred all deliberately caused. Then that's all we will see and attract back in our lives everyone else. Awaken step out of this system and heal.
If we do the opposite of what we are told we show empathy, love, joy, kindness, gratitude and think of abundance, wealth, happiness and prosperity then we will receive the same back. It's called the 'Law of attraction'.
All diseases are caused by trapped emotions, disease' is the opposite of 'ease' and harmony. We have to learn and understand our emotions. We have to become emotionally intelligent. Be ahead of the game.
We were created from source energy, the ocean, we are electromagnetic electrical beings and mostly water......a great conductor of electricity. Our cells communicate through chemical electrical impulses and when given the correct nutrition, oxygen and hydration the body is a truly amazing complexed machine almost like a terminator where pain, suffering and disease are impossible.
WE ARE BEING LIED TO! Our true natural state is Enlightenment, Love and happiness, and it's our own Ego, fear, mental blockages and state of mind that stop us from achieving this. When we reprogram our thoughts through changes in what we believe in, then we can achieve complete balance, harmony and ultimate awareness. We have to change what is within to reflect our outer world. We have to stop listening to insane psychopaths who put fluoride in children's toothpaste, Mercury in their mouths and vaccines.I aim to give people the newest and most important alternative news and the truth as it comes in from the worlds leading researchers. Nevertheless, more importantly, how to recover and remove yourself from this EVIL INSANE system. DONATE TO THE INSTITUTE--¤cy_code=USD

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