I love having people in my life that I'm 100% grateful for, the people who I'm grateful for are my friends, family, my boyfriend, and my boyfriend's parents. The feeling of having these people in my life is such a blessing for me and these people I have in my life are staying in my life forever.

I'm grateful for my family because they have helped me a lot with school and taking me from doctor to doctor. They also helped with getting me into college and helping me pick the right college to learn at for the next 4 years of my life. Without my family I probably wouldn't be in college today; I'm very grateful for them and helping them even in high school. I love having a family like I do, we are one close family, and we may fight a lot but you cant lose family. I'm super close with my 20 year old sister who does a lot for me and she learns from me since I'm older than her by 13 month. It's great to have a family like I do even know we will fight all the time about the stupidest stuff, Thank you what my family does for me.

My boyfriend and my boyfriend's parents I'm so grateful for. The reason why I'm grateful for my boyfriend's parents is because his mom or his dad have to take a whole day off of work just to pick me up from the train station which is over an hour from were they live My boyfriend and his parents are like my second family to me. My boyfriend does so much for me and that's why I'm grateful for. Thank you so, so much for what you guys do for me. I'm very grateful for having a boyfriend like him in my life and his parents who take off work just to pick me up. They help me in life with issues and they have always been there for me. The thing that I really like and grateful for is my boyfriend knows when I'm upset about something than he can calm me down after we talk about, than later that day his parent's will ask about me and how I'm doing and that when he tell them what was wrong.

The last people I'm grateful for in my life are my friends because who know what me and my friend will talk about but only on source level. Some of my friend that I still have in my life than I know those are my true friends who stuck beside my side, and I feel grateful and blessed about that. I know you can lose friends and the friends that I drop or who drop me than I know I was wasting my time on them and I don't know why I was even friends with them in the first place. But the friends that I have left I'm not dropping.