So, unfortunately, some of us happened to be born around the holidays. The time of the year where everyone is frantic. October is full of making costumes, carving pumpkins, decorating, scary movies and candy galore. Not birthdays. November is cooking, cooking and more cooking, family visits, preparations for Christmas, Black Friday sales, and if you're from the south, Iron Bowl. Not birthdays. December is caroling, baking, Christmas movies, decorating the tree and hanging stockings, more family visits, shopping, wrapping presents, Hallmark movies and Christmas parades. Not birthdays. And, to end the chaos, New Year's Eve, and then into January, New Year's Day, which is parties, traveling and more time with family. Not Birthdays.

However, in all the hustle and bustle of these crazy months, some of us were born. I myself was born on January 2. For many years, I have endured the late Happy Birthday wishes, usually a few days after New Year's when people return from trips, or recover from NYE hangovers. I have given up on birthday parties after awkwardly sitting at Chuck E. Cheese's with my close family and the one friend who showed up, as a child. I've smiled politely as friends use the "this is your Christmas/Birthday present" excuse to keep them from buying me two gifts, even though they receive two from me. Since my birthday is also in the freezing cold part of the year, I also never got to experience the coveted pool party. All these "consequences" of having a birthday near the major holidays have just become the usual for me.

Even though there is a definite downside to having a birthday near the holiday season, there are a few perks. For the few friends who are especially nice, I get a Christmas present in December, and then two weeks or so later, I get a birthday present. The holiday season is my favorite time of year, so my birthday being around this time makes it even better. Also, since my birthday is at the most unfortunate time of the year, my family always goes the extra mile to make it more fun, like better presents, The Cheesecake Factory for dinner and shopping at my favorite outlets.

Since unfortunately science has not advanced enough to allow us to choose our birthdays (I kid), us holiday babies are stuck where we're at. It is definitely annoying at times, but it's not all horrible. So to all you holiday kiddos, Merry-hallo-thanks-new years-birthday!