Why I Love Having A Summer Job

Why I Love Having A Summer Job

Instead of wasting my three months away from school by binge-watching Netflix, I decided to get a job over the summer to feel more accomplished and productive.


Once finals are finished in the spring, most students plan on relaxing for the following three months. Many want to do absolutely nothing and just take that time to not think about school. It is very necessary for students to have that mental break from writing papers every week, getting up early every morning, and staying up late to study for tests and quizzes.

Summer is definitely needed to break that never-ending cycle that happens during the semester.

While it's nice to take a break from school, it is not okay to take a break from your routine that keeps you going every day. That's why I love having a job in the summer.

For me, I know that if I have nothing planned, I will sleep in late, watch Netflix, stay up late, and do it all over again the next day. Having a job gives my day structure.

When you have no reason to get up and get dressed, you don't, so you end up staying in all day. By having to set my alarms in the morning to get up, get dressed, and eat breakfast, it helps me continue with my regular routine.

At least this way I'm getting out of the house; I'm making myself move and I keep going.

It's hard when you take almost three months off of school, do absolutely nothing, and then expect to get back into the swing of things when September comes around.

Having a job in the summer is also keeping me healthy. Typically, in the summer, I would wake up at lunchtime, which means I skipped breakfast and would go straight to lunch. It would interfere with my meals, so my timing and schedule were always off. It wasn't healthy.

Working also makes it easier to do other things like exercising. When I would sleep half the day away and watch TV the other half, I had no energy to get up and move. Since I can't sleep my days away anymore, I have the energy now. If I am already up and dressed and moving around, I'm more inclined to go work out.

When I have nothing to do, I do nothing, which means I stop working out, I wear sweats all day, and I binge watch "Grey's Anatomy." Having a job keeps me from being lazy during my break.

It's nice because I still get to have days where I can go on vacation if I want, have weekends off, and can just relax and do nothing. Those lazy days are needed once in a while.

I don't overdo it by working long days and weeks to the point where I would dread summer. I work about 24 hours a week, and when I go home from work, I feel accomplished for that day and not feel like I wasted away my summer.

Another perk of working is getting to socialize with new people. I have an on-campus job, so I get to interact with staff and students every day. I have been able to meet other students who I may not have met otherwise since we have different majors.

A summer job is also good because it is something else you can add to your resume. With every job you will have, it allows you to network, meet people, and learn new skills, which are always very beneficial for whatever you want to do in life.

At the very least, you are making money in the summer. Being a college student with expenses that need to be paid, having some extra cash doesn't hurt at all.

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