So the "Birdbox" movie on Netflix blew up like crazy this holiday season, even Kim Kardashian tweeting about if anyone had seen it while she was watching it lol. But the memes from the movie were what drew audiences in once they started watching because of Sandra Bullock.

We all know Sandra from the movies that she's been in, in the past. "Miss Congeniality" or "The Proposal," anyone? I mean her acting chops have always slayed the game. So when I heard about this movie and saw that she was on the cast list, I was intrigued. While I still haven't seen the movie, I just know that her acting is going to be as real as ever. She also is known to be comedic with some of her lines in her movies so when I found out that this movie was not quite a comedy I was kind of surprised.

But nonetheless, I an still going to watch the movie soon as I know most people have already seen her in it. I do think that the movie has already impacted our society like nothing before (okay maybe this wasn't as popular as THE dress but pretty close to it). I do think it's weird that none of other Sandras movie's blew up in this capacity other than "The Blind Side," which rightfully so. I think that it's great that we are starting to shed light on Sandra and on movies in general. Movies should get more credit nowadays, so much hard work is constantly being put into them and there are so many people behind the scenes that also deserve the credit.

So while Sandra is quite talented in her acting, I do believe that this won't be the last time we see a movie like this rise up in our society. I feel like the floor is open for any movie to make its own mark. So on that note, I am off to go finally watch this movie and see how what all the hype is about.