Hate The Faith, Love The Believer

Despite an ever-increasing majority of Americans in support of LGBTQIA+ rights, homophobia is still a dark shadow that looms underneath the rhetoric so commonly spouted. While there is no reason not to celebrate the progress we have made, it's also important to recognize the hurdles we still face -- especially with an anti-LGBTQIA+ cabinet.

As I write this, President Donald J Trump recently announced that transgendered Americans will be BANNED from serving in the U.S military. While that can be a whole article within itself, I think it's interesting to point how contradictory this was to the rhetoric Trump's team pushed months ago.

This picture was taken 10 months ago. While still hot on the campaign trail, this flag was held (upside down, nonetheless) as a method to prove his love and support for the LGBTQIA+ community. Republicans praised his inclusivity and some even went as far to call him "the most pro-LGBT Pres candidate ever nominated by either party ". Republicans touted that his opponent, Clinton, accepted donations from countries that murdered LGBTQIA+ individuals.

Trump's recent ban, and his cabinet's (and Vice President) anti-LGBTQIA+ record speaks louder than anything Trump can say or do at this point. Trump wasn't inherently wrong with his jab at Clinton, too.

All of this goes to show the baseline of homophobia in America: People only support LGBTQIA+ rights because it benefits them and makes them seem like they're a good, morally-round person. They don't really care if gay marriage is legal, or if discrimination is punishable, all they REALLY care about is making themselves look good.

Companies ride off this too. Changing their logo or emblem to the rainbow flag is for PR only, but where is the real initiative? Where is the real action? Very few companies have made boldly took action for LGBTQIA+ rights. It's all just an exploitation of the community to enhance their image.

The most fundamental reason people are largely "in support" of gay rights, while ultimately ignoring them is their religion. While I am in no place to deny someone their religion, their faith, practices, etc. I am allowed to be frustrated at the lack of support myself, and other LGBTQIA+ members receive because of passes in the Bible, Quran, Torah, Tripitaka , etc.

Have you ever heard the phrase "Hate the sin, love the sinner."? It's commonly touted amongst those who want to flaunt their acceptance and new-aged mindset, while still ignoring the major issues and remaining silent when discrimination arises.

"Hate the sin, love the sinner" is homophobic.

It frustrates me because you're putting homosexuality on the same platform as other sins such as murder, arson, rape, etc. You're comparing how I was born to criminals who choose their sins.

It frustrates me because you're still telling me you hate me for who I am.

It frustrates me because you're telling me that you will not support me for who I fall in love with.

And lastly, it frustrates me because you're telling me that no matter what I do, no matter how much positive impact I have on this world, I am still sinning because I was born this way.

Again, I am not saying that your faith is wrong. We are all entitled to our beliefs but don't go lying on social media that you're LGBTQIA+ friendly and to make yourself look good and then flaunt your religion for your homophobia. It's hypocritical and wrong.

All of my frustration at people's casual homophobia has all led me to one conclusion:

Hate the faith, love the believer.

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