The show "LOVE" on Netflix has become a recent obsession with a ton of people, particularly college-aged girls. The show is based in LA and focuses on the lives of the two main characters, Mickey and Gus, who are both working pretty standard jobs, renting a place, and shooting for bigger things in the future.

All the characters in the show are very real. No one is particularly attractive, successful, or interesting. The all seem like the types of people you would actually know in real life. While many viewers seem to resonate with the relatability of the show and its characters, I can't stand it.

It feels like someone decided to make a TV show about my next door neighbors, the monotony of their daily lives, their attempts to quit smoking, their yogurt-eating habits, their struggles to navigate long-distance relationships, and decided that I should be dragged along for the ride for 3 seasons. It made me want to claw my eyes out.

At the end of every episode, I'd mutter to myself "I hate this show" before clicking "Play next episode," holding out the grim hope that somehow it'd redeem itself. And while the last 5 minutes of the last episode were wholesome, reassuring, and redemptive, ultimately the whole thing was 15 hours of my life I'll never get back.

Now I'm not really one for drama. I don't watch reality TV shows or trashy series about fake women getting in catfights and everyone cheating and people who make millions and millions of dollars simply for existing. That's not what I wanted from this show.

However, "LOVE" swings way, way too far in the opposite direction by focusing entirely on characters and themes that you have to sincerely try to care about. It's repetitive, boring, and really has no business making an entire series surrounding the monotony of boring people's lives.

I wish it'd been more original, that the characters had been fun and exciting rather than irritating and too relatable. I understand that their realness is what makes so many people like the show but there's a fine line between creating content that people can relate to and bore them to tears.

Will I watch season 4 if and when it comes out? Honestly, probably not. I feel that I've given this show its fair chance to redeem itself and have ended up disappointed. I hope that the people that love it will continue to and that the people who hate it will stop watching it so that the attention it receives will be warranted.

In the meantime, I'm saying no to "LOVE."