I Hate Dean From Gilmore Girls and You Should Too

I Hate Dean From Gilmore Girls and You Should Too

He makes me want to kick a duffle bag.

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Hello friends,

How has life been treating you lately? I, personally, was just cured of my constant ennui this morning when I awoke to sun peeking through the cracks in my shades. Today has been the first actually real warm day since August. I am crying of joy, but also sadness because I know it will only last for this day alone. (Okay, yesterday was nice as well, but the wind cooled it down a tad. So, yes, just today is perfection.)

Okay, sorry for the tangent. I was not even asked how my own day has been.

Yesterday, I was watching my one Gilmore Girls episode for the day and I realized that I have never written an article solely on my hatred for one Dean Forester. That is odious! Despicable! Heinous!

All words that happen to describe Dean, as well.

From the start, Dean's true colors are hidden behind what some, naive folks may call charm. He is introduced as the classic nice guy, the reliable one, the caring one, the charming one that parents "like." My least favorite kind. But the right people know, that is only a facade. Dean is really a manipulative, controlling, unreasonable, immature, temperamental, sorry excuse for a human being. The only good thing about him is that he is so easy to make fun of.

First episode of Dean, after he references a movie, instead of the book that it's based on (classic mistake, Dean-o), Dean composes a winner of a pick-up line, "I've been watching you." What is that? It makes him sound creepy, and how he leans in with his hands in his pockets as he says it just makes it worse. I would've made a run for Luke's right then and there, that is, if I hadn't already.

That is Dean at his best, can you imagine? As we move on, through Season One, we see Dean voice his opinions on women. He is so naive it kills me. He thinks that all women should be like Donna Reed and wait on their husbands hand and foot. To top it off, he never realizes what the issue is with that statement! Nothing. No issue. Oh yeah, women shouldn't have lives. No, Dean should not have a life.

We also see Dean BREAK UP with Rory after she is not ready to say "I love you" after three months. It has only been ninety days. What's the rush? Rory did nothing wrong. She was not ready. In no way does the fact that Dean is building Rory a car make up for that.

But then, of course, Rory has to go and say "I love you" as P.J. Harvey's "One Line" (greatest song, right?) plays in the background. But why did they have to go and get back together? It would've been easier and better on the world if they just split for good. But nope, they insist on getting back together and this is when Dean gets even worse. Can you even imagine?

Season Two starts them off with Dean being even more controlling than Season One. He starts making Rory feel bad about wanting to do well in school and go to Harvard (you know, her dreams and all). Do you recall the fight by the gazebo? Who is that? Who does that? Yeah, be disappointed that Rory can't hang out that day, but that is no reason to practically kick a duffel bag.

This brings me to when he actually kicks a duffel bag. Okay, there are a lot of moments in between this that I should be mentioning, like when he calls thirty times in one day and such, but I do not have the time to draw attention to every time that Dean does something disgraceful because that I would require me to write approximately 5,730 pages (and let's be honest, that's probably low balling it). So, yes, back to the kicking the duffel bag fiasco. Accidents occur. Things occur. To anyone and everyone. Even to the safest of drivers. Yes, I understand that Dean hates Jess and that he is hurt that the car that he worked tirelessly on to build has been destroyed, but nope. I don't care. The world does not revolve around you, Dean. Rory could've been really hurt. She could've died! Dean is so logical.

But no matter how much I wished for it to happen, they stay together, that is until the greatest episode, "They Shoot Gilmores Don't They?," the turning point. However, Dean chooses to break up with Rory in the worst possible way: in front of everyone, screaming. So classic. I legit just chuckled to myself.

You guessed it though, they get back together! I just said that in my mind like the people reading this haven't even watched Gilmore Girls before. I don't understand myself at times. But they do not just get back together in a normal, actually thoughtful way. No. That is not Dean. He cheats on his wife with Rory. Not the greatest decision on Rory's part either, but Dean starts it. He leads her on when he should've just broken up with Lindsay. HE MARRIED HER WHEN HE WAS STILL IN LOVE WITH RORY. Do you recall the night before his wedding when he's drunk and says her name to Luke? I do. I remember it ALL. And not just because I've seen the series at least seventeen times, because I just hate Dean that much.

At least this time they are only together for eight episodes, until he breaks up with her again in front of another big group of people. What is that? My apologies, I've said that phrase way too many times in this one article, but I don't care, it applies.

Dean is horrifying. He is everything I hate in the world wrapped up into one, towering over, big-headed, floppy-haired, satanic creature. He deserves nothing but the worst in life.

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