As a young milenial there are so many popular music genres, but the one that everyone always dislikes and harps on is country music. However, this music is created for all as a feel good, love-dovey, great American-based music style.

As time is moving forward, the country industry is becoming more modern and moving away from the classical instruments such as the dobro, banjo, and steel guitar as they move towards a new-age type of music as it is trying to gain attraction from those other than people who live in the western part of the country, or the small groups of city-kids who like it as well.

The thing is, along with the new age music, you have to realize that some of the country music from long ago is absolutely amazing as it encompasses the times in America it was written in. For example, the great Willie Nelson who had many fans and wrote beautiful music during the second half of the 20th century. His music was iconic for the time, as it strayed from rock 'n' roll, creating a different sound.

Do you really hate country music?

You cannot tell me, that you've never listened to Taylor Swift (whether it is her new or old stuff), but you have to remember, that she began as a country music artist. Even though she has moved away from the music style to a more pop feeling, she still has her roots based in country. How can you not like her music whether it is Teardrops on My Guitar, or even her newer songs like Red, or Shake it off? She is iconic and inspiring for all. So just a heads up, if you like Taylor Swift, you don't really hate all country music like you may think you do.

Even though country is a different style than most people are used to, or may dislike, it is created to value love and happiness. Not every country artist or song is based off of the big cowboy hats and funny shoes, they are written to inspire happiness among people. If you really hate country, please just try and listen to some of the old timers, for example The Highwaymen's song The Highwayman.