I Hate 13 Reasons Why And Here's Why

I Hate 13 Reasons Why And Here's Why

The last thing I want in this world is a copycat version of Hannah Baker.

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Everyone has become obsessed with the new Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why. While I watched this show, I thought that I enjoyed this. It is filled with drama and very serious,controversial topics that teenagers and young adults can relate to in their drama filled life. However, upon reflecting this series, I realized that I hated 13 Reasons Why. Looking back on it, I do not intend on watching another season if Netflix does come out with one.

13 Reasons Why has taken over social media. There is no way to avoid hearing about this series. It has become so popular that almost every generation has heard about the story of Hannah Baker. I don’t fancy this show because of fear. Not fear for myself, but rather, fear for others. I am scared that this show is getting enough attention and I am scared to see if others would have thought the same as I did. Although I am strong and in no way shape or form at risk of being suicidal, my first thought after watching this was what my 13 reasons would be if I were to commit suicide. Coming from a strong person like I am, this is an overwhelmingly strong and sad thought. However, there are others out there in this world who aren’t mentally stable and may have thought of 13 reasons why they wanted to commit suicide, and may truly believe that this is the way they can get the attention they need.

I hate 13 Reasons Why because I am afraid. I hate 13 Reasons Why because I believe that there is going to be a life lost and someone will leave behind 13 tapes. Although this movie is meant to raise awareness for suicide, I’m afraid for what the future may hold because others may interpret this show differently. Easily, this show can be seen as others who finally have decided to listen and care for Hannah Baker. But, they only care because she is dead. Many people just want someone to talk to, someone to be able to hear and understand what they are going through. Hannah Baker didn’t have anyone and was tormented so deeply that she decided to end her own life. As a result, her 13 tapes explaining why she had chose suicide was heard from the people that personally tormented Hannah in her life.

Because of this, viewers got to see the reaction that Hannah probably wanted. The characters that damaged Hannah were tormented with the guilt that they felt and were filled with constant worry. This may be seen as karma and the revenge that many viewers wanted to happen, even Hannah. However, if one is not in a mental state and sees that Hannah finally got the attention and got the last punch to the others, they may think that this is an option. Someone who is at the cusp of suicide may want others to feel pity for them and want others to live with the guilt of causing someone to commit suicide. The last thing that I want to occur, for anyone in this world, is to think that suicide is a way to be heard. I don’t want anyone to think that suicide is a form of action that will “sure show them what they did wrong.” Yes, I do feel sympathy for Hannah. However, I believe that some of her reasonings behind her suicide is wrong. She shouldn’t have left behind the tapes to cause guilt on others. If you have seen the show, you know the chaos that was created from this. You know that it can cause others to now look at themselves in a negative manner.

I hate 13 Reasons Why because I am afraid. I don’t want there to be a copycat version of Hannah Baker just to “prove a point” or think that one can get back at their enemies this way. This powerful series can be interpreted many different ways and my interpretation is not filled with waiting to see season two. My way is filled with fear for the future.

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