10 Reasons Harry Styles Is The Best Break Out Artist Of Our Generation

10 Reasons Harry Styles Is The Best Break Out Artist Of Our Generation

If you didn't already love him the most in One Direction, you definitely do now!

Harry Styles started out in the popular boy band, One Direction. Since their debut, he has consistently shown himself to be hilarious, kind, and always has amazing hair. His solo career has been nothing short of perfect. It is so exciting to know that his next album will be out soon, and we are already getting new music. He deserves so much love for his talent and just who he is as a person. Here are ten reasons why he is so awesome!

1. His music is incredible


Every song on HS1 was different in some way, but also sonically cohesive. And each of them have great lyrics, we love a songwriter!

2. He has one of the best voices


His voice is what made him so special in One Direction, and it is has only gotten better.

3. He cares about his fans and always has a message


He is so appreciative of his fans and it's adorable.

4. He's got amazing fashion game


He always looks amazing, we stan a fashion icon!

5. His friendship with James Corden is iconic


Harry on James' show is the best thing ever.

6. All of the charitable work he does, such as Comic Relief


Harry really is a lovely person.

7. He puts on the best concert (it's basically a comedy show)


His tour is everything.

8. The best Taylor Swift ex (he is so supportive!)


Harry is just kind to everyone, and it's sweet to see him support the people around him!

9. His tweets


He's an interesting lad!

10. His catchphrase is "Treat People With Kindness"


That is the best advice you could receive! Keep spreading kindness, Harry!

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