Hardy is America's boyfriend.
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Hardy is America's boyfriend.

to be America's boyfriend, you sure got game Hardy.

Hardy is America's boyfriend.

When I decided to do a full album review on Hardy, I knew I had to be somewhere I could sit, listen to the words more intently, and not have the wind blowing from the windows being down...... I have listened to this album on repeat since it came out... I am a fan, and I honestly think Hardy should be president, because he's just that amazing.... Here is my honest review on an honest man whose album is one of the greatest albums I have ever listened to, and I'm putting him up there with Shania's Twain Come On Over Album, which I still to this day listen to with happiness in my soul.....Here's the long awaited album review on Hardy, enjoy bbys!

TRUCK-- Currently dancing in the coffee shop to this first song because the beat has me going........ This song is so true though, a 12 pack in the back means hes worked the whole week hardcore......... Super true lyric. I always use to say you could judge a country boy by his truck, and I"m finally glad someone else said it so maybe people will listen to him instead of me. Hardy has a way with lyrics, and its honestly astounding..... Can he write my life autobiography, please?

BOYFRIEND-- This song is every girls dream.... Like, tbh I want to introduce myself with someone's last name, and have him listening to this song and smiling.... It is a dream, ok? Just like the 300 acre farm house is.... I may be dreaming too big, but I feel like if Hardy is singing a song like this someone cough cough will get the memo and make it happen you know? I did not know my one song could ever exist but besides Big Big Plans, this is my song...... I just love love love love it too death..... You could say obsessed.

Give Heaven Some Hell-- this song hits home, and honestly.... I cry every time so these people in this coffee shop are about to think I am honestly weirder than I have shown.... Losing someone is definetely not the easiest thing to go through, but with this song at least I have a little bit of a tear jerker to get me through those bad days that will lead to hope....Also the beat is really good, this whole album is very good to just vibe too...

Boots-- this song came on the radio, and I about stopped my car in the middle of the road to jump out blare it, and vibe.... It is my favorite to just have that moment where you think the person is angry, but in reality their just screaming a song to feel emotion and vibe to it..... I have no idea if that made sense, but it is like drinking a good cup of coffee and then hearing WAP and feelin' like a bad bish for the rest of the day.....

WHERE YA AT-- the party jam of our nation right now. I swear, this should played at every concert, not just a Hardy concert...... Wellllll, what I am saying is Hardy should just appear at every conccert there is in 2021 cause rip 2020 concerts and sing this song..... I love this vibe. Roll your windows down people, and sing it loud.....

Ain't A Bad Day-- this one makes me think..... I literally listened to it the first time just to have my windows rolled down, and then second time around I figured out the meaning, and it hit like me a ton of bricks.... I love this song, it is everything. Go listen to it now, because you will not regret it.

One Beer-- This song is literally a banger. I know I said that before but this song makes you wanna go find someone, and then realize it might not be the best decision you have ever made..... I mean it all starts with alcohol, am i right? Here's to those one beer decisions, may they end not in a baby.

So Close-- This one I will say was not my absolute favorite when I first listened to this album , but you have to be in that kind of mood to get into this song, and now its' respected as in my top 5..... The fact that he added a slow song like this , like it blows my mind how good this song is....... BLARE THIS!!!!!!

Broke Boy-- my absolute favorite song other than Boyfriend.... This is actually a tie with that song. I dont know why but this song just is so relatable for some people, and those are the types of songs you need. You need those songs that relate to your situation, and honestly this whole album relates to many people. Hardy, you are a true winner and you are my vote for 2020 president..... Who else is going to vote for Hardy? Anyone? Everyone?

A Rock-- this song is my ok let's relate to this and then just turn it back to boyfriend or broke boy because I Just want those songs on repeat for the rest of my life. Sorry Hardy........

Hate Your Hometown-- Okay, so in the country music world we can not love you more than our hometown because he wants us to hate your hometown.... That is the vibe today, guys..... If you do not get that reference or agree with it, then I do not know what to tell you........ I did just come up with that just now in this coffee shop, and I am indeed shooketh as well.... You are welcome...... But honestly, if someone sang this song to me I would love them more than I love iced coffee with pumpkin in it.... and that saying a lot.

UNAPOLOGETICALLY COUNTRY AS HELL-- I feel like this is Hardy's anthem... This is autobiography, and I Love it...... I Love Hardy and what he stands and this album just proves what a class act he is, and how he's got a fan for life......

Thank you Hardy for this amazing album....... You outdid yourself, and I will be playing Boyfriend and and Broke Boy on repeat for the rest of the 2020 season....... Please be my best friend, and tell Morgan his future wife says hi!

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