Most of us have been in the position of being close to the next grade level. This has happened to me numerous times. Professors are tough, and most of them never budge. I have been .2 points away from an A, and a professor wouldn't round up. This is a timeline of events from college students everywhere.

1. Before the storm hits, and people ask you how your semester is.

2. Realizing after your professor updates your grades at the end of the year, and how close you are to the next grade above you.

3. The internal struggle of whether or not to email the professor before the disappointing reply hits.

4. When you email the professor, and then you are waiting for the response.

5. The internal struggle of why you didn't work harder all semester to get the last couple points you are begging for.

6. When everyone tells you it's your fault that you should have worked harder.

7. When they say no, and you succumb to the understanding you receive the points for the work you did, and you deserve the grade you got. You are still proud that you worked hard. Even though you are a couple points away from an A and transcripts will never know.

8. When you vow to work harder next semester, even though this cycle always repeats itself.