The 3 Hardest Parts About Studying Abroad

The 3 Hardest Parts About Studying Abroad

I won't lie: it's a scary, exciting, and frustrating experience. But at the end. you'll have seen the world and grown as a person.

Studying abroad is amazing. You'll travel, make amazing new friends, and experience the world in a completely different way. But I won't lie: there are downsides. You miss your friends and family, figuring out a different school system is frustrating, and traveling and living abroad is expensive. While I entirely believe that the new experiences are completely worth the struggles, being prepared for the difficulties is an important necessity to get ready to study abroad.

1. Your friends and family are far away.

This may seem obvious, but until you're actually a continent (or two) away, you don't realize just how far that is. The time difference will be frustrating; figuring out when you can video chat and constantly doing the math for when your family will be awake is annoying, especially if you're traveling a lot. However, you eventually get used to the difference, and of course you make new friends. They never replace your friends at home, but you'll develop a new group that you'll appreciate just as much.

2. Studying will be different.

Figuring out how to register for classes, what's expected, and where they are will be quite an adventure. Instead of five classes, I currently have three, and they all have different expectations. While in the US there's typically lots of assignments to keep you busy, schools in the UK are much more self-led, so it was quite an adjustment. Just like at home though, you'll figure it out. I got lost a few times the first week, but by the third I felt completely at home.

3. It's expensive af.

I'm not going to lie, this is the hardest part. There's school expenses, living expenses, and traveling. Unlike at home, I have to buy groceries and cook for myself, I don't have my car so I needed a bus pass, and of course we go out occassionally. But with some careful budgeting, financial aid, and scholarships, it's manageable.

Studying abroad only happens once in your life. It can be scary, exciting, frustrating, and every other emotion you can think of, but at the end of it you'll come away having seen the world and grown as a person.

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To The Girl Who Hasn't Been Herself Lately

Your spark return, and you will shine like you were meant to.

Life gets tough. Life gets too much to handle sometimes, and those times make you stronger. However, right now, it seems like you have lost yourself.

It’s difficult when you catch yourself not being you. When you do something or act a certain way and just wonder, “what did I do to deserve this? Why is this happening? When will it get better?” The way you’re feeling is not so much that you’re unhappy, you just feel weird.

Your day will come. I promise you. This is just a phase.

The day you realize how much you have grown from this point in time will be your reward. It is so hard to see now, and I feel your pain.

Your light will return to you. Your pure bliss moments, they are seeking you. Your laughter where your tummy aches is in your reach.

Our moods change far too often for us as humans to understand why, but the encounters you make every day have this effect on us.

You must remember the pure happiness you experienced before your first heartbreak, before the first friend became someone you thought they weren’t, before you lost your innocence. That was a time of true joy as you had not a care in the world for the things that would harm you. Better yet, you didn’t have the option to experience them because you were just a child.

The world can be an ugly place, and your attitude towards life can change every day. One thing is for certain: you did not lose who you are internally. We all put on a face for the world. For the people who we try to impress. For the life we want to live. For the things we want to achieve.

Your definitive personality is still in the works. Believe it or not, it always will be. Times like this change us for the better even though we can’t see it.

Your happiness will return. You will be a better, stronger version of you. In fact, you will be the best version of you yet.

Once this phase is over, you will be okay. This I promise you.

Cover Image Credit: Megan Sutton

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10 Things Everyone Needs On A Solo Road Trip

Sometime the basics is all it takes to get from A to B.


In this life, we face so many crazy-filled moments that sometimes we need a break from all of it. That is when we pack up the car and get out of town. When doing this, there are a few items we need. For me, these are the top 10 necessities that I can't leave without.

1. Granola

Granola Bars


I am all for stopping to take a break if needed, but there is no shame in reaching to grab a handful of granola.

2. GPS and a basic paper map


Mikes photos

Maps or Google Maps is a must. Especially if you have problems with directions like myself.

3. At least one CD



As old fashioned as this sounds, there is something very eclectic about the tune of a CD.

4. A water bottle or coffee

The Sturbs

Dana Tentis

Don't get me wrong, we should probably be drinking water, but mornings call for coffee.

5. Comfy clothes

Comfy AF

Daria Shevtsova

The last thing I want to feel is not being able to breathe in too tight skinny jeans while driving 60-plus miles an hour.

6. A charger



Nothing has infinite battery life, so at some point you will need a charger.

7. Debit card/wallet



Personally, carrying anything over $40 in cash really freaks me out, so that debit card comes in handy.

8. Downloaded podcast


Sometimes the music gets too heavy, and the open road takes a toll. Then, my friends, is when the podcasts come out.

9. Some comfy shoes

Nikes- the classic

Amen Jakhar

Personally, I always wear house shoes or sneakers because making a four-hour trip in heels does not sound pleasant.

10. Carjack and a spare

Typical Car Jack


It is always better to be safe than in the middle of a dead-zone with a blown tire. Trust me, I know enough people who have had this problem.

These are just the basics of many things one might need. If you are anything like me, over-packing comes naturally. So does making lists. When making those lists, include at least these 10 things as well as many others.

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