It's the most wonderful time of the year! That awkward stage where you are excited for Thanksgiving, but wherever you turn, there are Christmas advertisements trying to get you to buy more stuff for the holidays. It seems like the ads pop up earlier each year, each one more Christmassy (is that even a word?) than the last. We barely made it past Halloween and Starbucks had their reusable, red, holiday cups on the shelves. Your friends and family are probably jamming to Christmas music too (that's totally me, guilty as charged). So where does all this pressure to celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving end, and is it possible to celebrate both at the same time?

To the joy of some and despair of others, I will let you know, the Christmas ads are probably never going to cease. Stores enjoy the profits they gain from the holiday rush, and escaping the Company Christmas jingles would mean living under a rock for the next two months. So here we are, trapped and brainwashed each day with the radio, T.V., and social media. The "buy this to make your loved ones happy" message is constantly on loop, but behind this stereotype is a deeper meaning to why people love Christmas so much.

Christmas brings out the best in people. Customers tip better, children become extra good for the "nice list," and compassion is shared more during this magical time of the year. This common bond of generosity between each individual is enough to light up the night sky with imaginary Christmas lights. This season makes us feel all warm and tingly even if the freezing snow bites at our noses. Stores have commercialized the meaning of it, but the Christmas spirit is still there. So what, our society celebrates Christmas too early? The only side effects seen is joy and a steaming cup of hot chocolate!

So the next time you see someone celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving, don't judge. They want to feel the joy of the season, and who are you to tell them not to? I'm sure they celebrate Thanksgiving on it's rightful day with their families and in their defense, there isn't any Thanksgiving music to jam out to (Sorry, Thanksgiving!). The point is, be respectful of each person's source of happiness. It is completely possible to celebrate pumpkin season in its entirety and still listen to Christmas music.