If you’re like me, you are a student ambassador. As a freshman, I wanted a job around campus that didn’t require too much of my time but was also rewarding at the same time. Being a student ambassador was that one job that I can say I loved.

As a student ambassador, I’m happy that I gave tours around school. Showing off how great my school is helps reassure me that I am really at the right school. All of the facts that I know are not only useful to know as a student and to inform others about the school, but it helps reassure me that I chose this school because of those little facts. Each piece of information that I give helps others know about my school, a school which I am so proud of.

As a student ambassador, I’m happy that I got a job at campus. It keeps me connected to my school and the students as well as the incoming potential new students. Meeting new faces and new people is always fun for me and I’m glad that I met so many people, especially people from different states.

As a student ambassador, I’m happy that I got to meet so many people that are enthusiastic like me. Typically, student ambassadors are perky and enthusiastic which have lead me to many new friends that I have met this year. It is great to make money working along side with people that I enjoy being around.

I’m happy that I became a student ambassador because it taught me responsibility, offered me friendships, let me show off my school, and helped me with experience teaching others. I highly recommend becoming an ambassador because it is the perfect job for a student that loves their school and meeting new people!