I know, I know.

You love your boyfriend. He's your bae, your other half, your lover, your soulmate, your forever, your best friend. You love him. You're attached to him. You're obsessed with him.

But he's also a human being that you have to maintain a relationship with. And that means that you're going to have to put in time and effort to help that relationship flourish. The specific effort that I'm talking about here isn't about buying presents, spending quality time together, etc. (Although, it's definitely important to learn your partner's love language.) Here, I'm talking about the effort that involves understanding yourself and having the self-awareness to analyze your own emotions and behavior.

Life can be complicated and stressful. Especially at this age, we're trying to juggle so many things at once. That's why it can be helpful to call a time out. I believe that you always need to take time for yourself to assess everything that's going on in your head. And by alone time, I don't mean chilling in your room, watching Netflix and texting three people.

I mean, ALONE, alone.

When you have constant stimulation from outside sources (like people or technology), you can't really clear your head and focus solely on yourself. So turn off all distractions. Just sit on your bed or go for a walk, and listen to your inner voice. Think over everything that's happened the last few days, or last week. How do you feel? Is there anything that you've been pushing to the back of your mind?

Think about negative situations that you were in. How can you improve and potentially decrease the number of negative situations? What could you have done to avoid that argument that you had with your boyfriend last week? Do you need to learn to be in better control of your emotions? Are you remaining accountable for your actions? Are you putting too much pressure on other people?

Also, think about the positive situations that you were in. How can you create more do these positive situations? Can you make more time to see that one friend that always makes you laugh? Can you set an alarm every morning so you can regularly focus on meditation? Can you make the commitment to go to the gym at least two to three times a week? Can you avoid letting one bad situation ruin the rest of your day?

If you can get into the habit of breaking your thoughts and feelings down, I think that you can become a lot more in-tune with your mistakes, wants, needs, skills, etc. And this self-awareness can even help you with the relationships you have with friends and family members as well. So it's worth a shot!