In this day and age it's impossible for everyone to have a Mother on Mother's Day or a Father on Father's Day. Every year those who have absent parents on their designated holiday are consumed with sadness, anxiety and feel so isolated- I mean how can you not be?

Every Father's Day means looking at Instagram posts and seeing every person's adorable photo with the long and meaningful caption of why they love and appreciate them so much. Scrolling through countless snapchats of their goofy dad with a funny filter and the Geotag 'Happy Father's Day' displayed in front of their beaming faces can be physically exhausting.

Year after year this day symbolizes a day where my jealousy anxiety and depression are at war for the winning title to take over my mind. But not anymore because how many people can say that they have a mom and a dad all in one?

There is no surprise that my mother is my absolute best friend and biggest role model in life. For most single moms having to raise children alone means they have to take on the role of 'Dad' too. Not having a dad around didn't alter my childhood at all because my mom began to juggle that role as well. From taking on multiple jobs to provide for us, killing spiders we were too afraid of and even questioning our boyfriends, I never felt any different from my friends who did have father's to do that.

From being able to do both the kick-ass things Mother's and now Father's do she taught me I can do anything I put my mind to. I know from watching my Mom do the impossible that I never have to rely on a man for anything. Though occasionally I wonder what life would've been like if I had a Dad to protect me, take to the Father Daughter dance, or even just through a ball around outside. But above all, I wouldn't trade anything in the world for that because not having a father has provided me with the best kick-ass Father of all, my beautiful mother.

So sure, I might be a girl without a father on father's day, but that doesn't make me feel any less. Because although growing up without a father figure has always made me feel somewhat incomplete, as I think about my life I realized I have one hell of a mom. And, for me that will always be enough.