"Happy Death Day" Was A Great Weekend Watch

"Happy Death Day" Was A Great Weekend Watch

A review of this perfectly timed for Halloween film.

Don't worry, there aren't any spoilers.

'Go shorty it's your birthday', the song all of us fondly remember from our childhood. 50 Cent's famous song from 2003 has made its way into our homes with a trailer that shows a young girl living, partying, and dying only to wake up the morning of her birthday each time. This film is "Happy Death Day".

The film opens on a college student waking up to the sound of her obnoxious ring tone that is clearly from 2006. She is in a dorm room. The movie takes its time to establish how chaotic her life is after the night of excessive drinking. We begin to learn that her home life outside of school is distraught between her and her father. Her sorority life is a wreck as she is clearly a bitch to everyone in her sorority. But all of her sorority sisters reflect the college stereotypes from classic movies.

The main character of Tree, played by Jessica Roth, gives off the vibe of the girl who was too popular for her own good very well. As the title suggests, her birthday is the day she dies. As she makes her way to a fraternity for a party as all college kids do, she is stopped by the sound of a music box that distracts her. Now, since this is a horror movie, there are jump scares, but I found the jump scares tasteful and necessary to the plot.

The killer pops up and kills her as every slasher movie dictates for the blonde in a horror movie. But this is where we deviate from classic slashers. Tree wakes up in the same bed she was just in, following the same patterns. Throughout the middle of the movie she begins to use each life to lower her list of suspects. In a quirky pop-music-filled montage, we see a lot of interesting deaths and have some great character development for Tree, who now cares about others.

Overall, the movie was adorable for a horror movie and a great watch for a Friday night. I haven't enjoyed a horror movie like that since the original "Scream." I give it nine bloody knives out of ten.

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In case you missed it, the Jonas Brothers are back together and, let me tell you, they're giving us some major jams. For those of us who were there when it all began back in 2007 with their first album, It's About Time, this has been one of the most important events of the year. But nothing, and I mean nothing can rival the excitement every twenty-something felt as the Jonas Brothers announced their Happiness Begins tour. I, for one, put my name in for ticket presale, have been following every single social media site related to the tour/group, and, of course, listening to the Jonas Brothers on repeat. And if you did manage to snag tickets, then you know that this is how your brain has been ever since they announced the tour.

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