Dear Younger Sister,

Happy 18th birthday! Now, I know that this is an especially exciting day, for several reasons, but today is also the beginning of a lot of new things. You have more to be responsible for, bigger consequences for your actions, and higher expectations from those around you. All that and more starts today.

1. Voting

You get to voice your opinions on politics now, and make a difference with who you vote for!

2. Taxes

Well, you were probably paying them already because of your work, but now you get to change some of the info.

3. Insurance and Bills

Just like when you got a car and a license, the insurance rates go up a bit and now you may be getting your own.

4. Doctors/ Doctor Appointments

Now you get to do those on your own. With the way laws are, you can still have your pediatrician for another few years, but now it's your responsibility to set up appointments. (You could always not go and just hope you don't die.)

5. Marriage/ Housing

You can get married to your awesome boyfriend now. And move away from home. Although that is even more money to spend every month.

6. Jail Time

With age comes responsibility, and with breaking the rules comes higher consequences, including possible jail time rather than a while in juvenile.

7. Tattoos

I know you're probably excited about being able to do what you want and one of those things is being able to add permanent ink without your parents' permission.

8. Cigarettes and Drugs

Now you can smoke whatever you want, as long as it's legal where you are.

9. Hotels / Traveling

You can fly wherever you want or get a hotel in most places on your own. But there are some problems with getting a rental car or certain hotels.

Now all of these are great things that come with being an adult, along with a few that can get you into a lot more trouble than before. There are still some things you can't do, and it'll seem really unfair for a while.

1. Getting a rental car

Remember, according to insurance conflicts, you won't be able to get a rental car until you're 21.

2. Getting a good hotel

There are a few places that will allow you to stay if you are over 18, but some will not let you in until you are 21. It takes some effort to find a cheaper hotel that will let you in.

3. Drinking

Of course, you can't drink alcohol until you're 21.

4. Gambling

They won't let you into a lot of casinos until you are 21 because of the alcohol but lottery tickets aren't illegal.

Welcome to Adulthood, where everything has a price and most things require a lot of experience. Sometimes it's a period of learning, disappointment, and helplessness, but there are always people who are older than you who have advise to give you.