The Happiness Of Donating Your Hair

The Happiness Of Donating Your Hair

Simply donating your hair could make a child with cancer happier than you'll ever know.

The one thing so many girls worry about with their appearance is the length of their hair. For as long as I can remember, I have always had long hair. I just assumed long hair was prettier because of how many different styles you can do with it. Until I learned more about the kids who have to go through radiation treatments and lose their hair. I have been blessed enough in my life not to have to worry about major health problems like cancer, so I always took being able to grow my hair out for granted.

When I was in fifth grade, I learned about Locks of Love. I always knew donating my hair was a good thing, but at the time, I cared more about just cutting it short for personal reasons. I decided to cut my hair and donate it for the first time. Then, again in tenth grade, I thought about donating it. Both times my hair was so long that even after I cut 12 inches off it was still mid-way down my back. Now that I was older, I finally started to realize why it was so important for me to participate in hair donations.

There's no way I could ever begin to imagine the hard times children with cancer go through. I started researching all the different kinds of cancer treatments, and I was so blown away by the strength these children had to go through them. I realized that donating my hair was such a small thing I could do to make these children feel happier. With all of the things they have to overcome with their treatments, the simple act of cutting my hair seemed like almost nothing.

Recently, I decided it was time to donate my hair again. This time, I cut more hair off than I had ever cut before. Fourteen inches of my hair was cut off by the ponytail, and I still wish I had more to donate. I have now donated my hair three times, and I plan to continue to donate it each time it grows back.

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