12 Things That Happened When I Left New Jersey For College

12 Things That Happened When I Left New Jersey For College

You can take the girl out of Jersey but you can't take Jersey out of the girl.

Learning how to pump your own gas.

Why would I need to know how to pump gas, I pull up to the gas station and say "fill it up regular please" and I never have to get out of my car.

Playa Bowls.

No one else knows what a Playa Bowl is and it breaks my heart, it's not the same as an Açaí Bowl.

Bagels and pizza.

There will never be a better bagel or pizza place, no matter how hard restaurants try, so go ahead and judge me for not eating it.

Dealing with non-New Jersey drivers.

Pennsylvania drivers cannot drive, end of story.

No one understands how much you love the beach.

At home, the beach is a 30-minute drive so it is a foreign concept for me that I can't go to the beach whenever I want.

Warm weather.

For some reason when I check the weather at school, New Jersey is always warmer, why is this?

Not being near New York City.

Being in the city gives me life, living 45 minutes away, it's always a quick train ride in for a great day of adventures but is greatly missed at school.

Having people refer to Philadelphia as "the city."

Heads up everyone, Philadelphia is not "the city" when you say you are going to the city, you are going to New York.

Having Wawa's all over.

No matter where you are driving you are bound to pass a Wawa, stop in grab a sandwich, snack, coffee or gas.

People automatically assume that 'Jersey Shore' represents all of Jersey.

When I tell people that I'm from Jersey, the reaction is always "Oh my god, so you must watch Jersey Shore, is that how everyone in New Jersey acts?!!" Fun fact, I have never watched an episode.

Everyone thinks you will have a Jersey accent.

My roommate was very disappointed when I did not have an accent, sorry not everyone has an accent

Summer concerts.

Summers are spent at concerts at BB&T Pavilion, or as everyone knows it Susquehanna Bank Center.

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To My Best Friend Of 15 Years

You are my person.


To my person,

I will never forget the first day that we met. It was the first day of preschool and my mom had just dropped me off. As I started to walk into the classroom I noticed that you were sitting alone on the floor crying. Not sure what to do, I went over to you and asked if you wanted to go play. Your face immediately lit up as we walked into the classroom and in that moment I knew that you would become my best friend. Ever since that day we've been attached by the hip and I wouldn't want it any other way.

April Roberson

Our friendship is the one true relationship that I can count on and for that I am forever grateful. This friendship of ours goes beyond our laughs and lake days. It's real. Through blood, sweat, and tears you've always been right by my side no matter what. You pick me up when I am drowning in pain. You cheer for me even when my ego is a little too high. You love me even when you should hate me. But, most importantly, you stand by me.

Our friendship is the perfect example of trust. You taught me that the right people can be trusted and will not betray you. No matter how dark the secret or how crazy the adventure, you never speak a word about me to anyone. You care about protecting my heart from the awful things in this world and when I am broken you are always there to pick up the pieces no matter how long it takes them to heal.

April Roberson

Our friendship has been a lifetime of happiness with a little bit of spunk. Not only do you encourage my crazy adventures, but you're always right by my side for each one. You keep life exciting and you make it easy. You are a true gift from God and I feel completely indebted to you for the role that you've played in my life. Our friendship is so special because it's full of our tremendous amounts of giving, sharing, and most importantly, love. There's not a day that goes by when I don't feel overwhelmingly thankful to have you by my side doing life with me.

So thank you, to my person. Thank you for always showing up for every little thing and making life so much better. Thank you for being my adventure inspiration and my lifelong travel buddy. Thank you for loving me unconditionally through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Lastly, thank you for being the one person that I can forever count on in this life time. I love you with my whole heart and I wouldn't want to do life with anyone else. You are my person.



April Roberson

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