13 Unavoidable Situations No One Warns You Will Happen In College

13 Unavoidable Situations No One Warns You Will Happen In College

It’s stressful not knowing what to expect and terrifying, but it’s an adventure.

No matter how many “How to Prepare for College” articles you read, there are certain situations that are impossible to prepare for. They will happen when you least expect it and without any warning. Some are tiny and others are just downright scary.

1. The unbelievably long line to get into the dining hall on mashed potato and popcorn chicken day.

Check the menu - if possible - on the days when you have little time to eat.

2. Sitting on hold with the records office for at least an hour just to get told to call back the next day.

Stay calm. They can’t help it.

3. Being stopped by families on tours to ask where (fill in the blank) Hall is.

Usually, walking with headphones in helps, but some people don’t get a clue so just be polite and help them go on their way and maybe they’ll pay it forward.

4. Being called profane names because you don’t respond politely enough to random guys driving by in cars.

Some guys are pigs so, walk in groups or call someone if you feel unsafe, but ignore it.

5. Being in a packed elevator with a couple who are PDA heavy even though there is barely room to breathe.

Some people have no manners.

6. A fire alarm going off at a highly inconvenient time for a ridiculous reason.

Example: 1 a.m. Thursday of finals week when it is eight degrees outside, all because of a malfunctioning alarm.

7. Running to class because you’re late only to find out you went to the wrong building at the wrong time because it is Wednesday, not Thursday.

Two words: Aw and Kward. (Hint hint, awkward.)

8. Walking past your professor on the quad while skipping their class.

This is just uncomfortable.

9. Forgetting to eat.

You will get so caught up in studying for an exam and working on a group project while preparing for two presentations that some things, like eating, will slip your mind. Keep snacks in your room, just in case.

10. The Walmart rush the week of move-in.

Be prepared to walk or drive in circles to get a parking spot.

11. The awkward eye contact in the dining hall between you and the person you sit next to in class after skipping class earlier that day.

Even though I have no commitment to the people around me in class, and attendance isn’t required, I still have a tiny amount of guilt from skipping. (Don't skip class kids.)

12. Getting ready for class and being early only to walk there and find a note on the door saying that class has been canceled.

It sucks. They send us a million emails at once but don’t bother to send one when it comes to canceling class.

13. Hearing all the mothers on your floor crying on the day of move-in.

Make sure the tissues are readily available.

It’s stressful not knowing what to expect and terrifying, but it’s an adventure. Life is meant to be explored and lived and part of that are new experiences.

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1. How all the professors acted during your first week of nursing school

2. When your clinical instructor makes you arrive at 6 a.m. sharp every week and stay until 4 p.m.

3. When your professors schedule two tests in the same week along with 25 PrepU quizzes

4. When your test answer was correct but not the MOST correct

5. When you go home for break and your family members ask you how nursing school is going

6. When you somehow find time to go out but don't know how to dress in something other than scrubs

7. When your patient presses the call light for the 100th time in the last 10 minutes

8. When your clinical instructor lets you pass meds and start an IV all in the same day

9. How you feel when your patient says, "You're going to be a great nurse someday!"

10. When your friends get upset that you can never hang out with them anymore

11. When you argue with your professor on a test question and earn the whole class points back

12. How you felt after you successfully gave your first shot to a patient

13. And when you realize that one day all of this stress and hard work will finally pay off and you will have the job of your dreams!

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It's OK To Let Go, Move On, And Float Away From People Around You

Life is too short to be around people who don't bring you up. The sky is the limit and the more clouds that help you float, the higher you will soar.


I'll be the first to admit that I am really bad at letting negative energy go. I try way too hard to please everyone and become too emotionally invested in my relationships with others. This is both a blessing and a curse because I expect to be treated how I treat others and it's not always the case. Never be afraid to move on, even though I certainly was.

I could never envision removing people from my life.

It sounded so harsh to not keep in constant communication with everyone I crossed paths with. I felt like I owed it to everyone ever apart of any memory with me to go above and beyond to keep them in my life. Yes, I know some fade away slowly no matter how hard you try to hang on. But, I learned that sometimes you really need to focus on YOU. I used to think that was selfish, but it's self-health. It's feeling empowered rather than put down. In reality, you can't please everyone.

I've tried for so long to be a people pleaser and still find myself falling victim trying to please everyone.

Just know that it's OK to grow apart. It's OK to be around other people. It's OK to let go of relationships that don't feel right anymore. As I have gotten older, more people have entered my life. It's been really hard to please every single person and it's because I realize that it's just not possible.

This world is so filled with so many good people waiting to meet you, befriend you, guide you, support you, and most importantly act as a floating cloud to soar to great heights with you.

If you continue to please the people in your life that don't bring you joy, that don't support you and that don't soar to great heights with you, then find the ones that will.

Trust me they are out there! The more time you spend on people who don't care and the more effort you waste in relationships that don't make you better, the worse you will feel about yourself. Don't ever criticize or second guess who you are. And come on, what a miserable life to live if you're always pleasing everyone except you.

Take a step back and look closely a those you surround yourself with. I'm not saying everyone's perfect. We all have our flukes, but find those that don't make your insecurities stronger. Find the ones that make your insecurities weaker, and as if they don't matter at all.

Your life is nothing but one big grand journey that will constantly change with people passing by.

Let some clouds float away in their directions because the best thing you can do for yourself is flying high. The time is now to learn to love who you are and not who people see you as. Not everyone's going to like you and people's opinions of you will constantly change. That's OK. The best version of yourself is the person that you see in the mirror, not the person others define you as. You'll know when people know you for who you are and if you're lucky, you'll find those that know you better than you know yourself. So don't be afraid to let go.

We only get one life Y'all! Make it count with people that put a spark in everything you do. We aren't here to please everyone, we're here to live happy lives!

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