Your twenties are a time of transition. All of those years spent praying so hard to finally grow up are over, and now we're suddenly supposed to actually know what we're doing in this crazy life. The thing is though, we don't know what we're doing! None of us do, so there are things that we start doing in this in-between stage. Here are a few things that can only happen in your twenties. This one is for anyone who still feels like keeping track of their kindergarten buddy was a big responsibility.

1.) Alone time becomes incredibly appealing.

What was once such a boring way to spend a Saturday is now all we crave. While spending time with friends is always awesome, spending time alone is even better! Alone time means so many possibilities. We can do anything we want. We can take a nap, read a book, bake some cookies, or just lounge around. The best part is, no one can judge us on whatever choice we make because we’re with our number one. Ourselves!

2.) You become poor in a different way.

If we’re in our twenties, it is safe to say that we’ve never been completely financially stable. We have experienced being newly licensed but not yet employed. We have been the seventeen-year-old part time job salary holder, the newly confused and broke college student and now we are struggling twenty-year-olds. The difference between our twenties and our teen years is that now we have money, but we have so many expenses that when we finish paying them all we have virtually nothing left over. So all those fun things we used to do with our friends are now so far out of reach because we just can’t afford it. No more mall trips, no more going out to dinner and movies. Now, we go out once in awhile when we can swing the extra cash, but other than that we stay at home (see number five).

3.) Facebook is flooded with engagement notifications and they’re no longer a joke.

For a while there we would see our peers getting engaged and we would definitely question it. Are they going to tell me this was a joke in class on Monday? Now, it’s not a joke. People are actually settling down because they are ready to. Nothing can make us think about how old we’re getting quite like this…except for number six.

4.) You “do lunch”.

Between working real jobs and having actual responsibilities, we can go so long without seeing our closest friends! So instead of constantly keeping in contact with each other about everything, we agree to catch up and “do lunch”. We’re so adult.

5.) Everyone is a homebody and no one is apologizing for it.

We love staying at home! It saves us money, on the off chance that we do actually have any, and it’s the perfect environment. At home we are in our comfort zone, so staying in and watching Netflix with our favorite snacks sounds way better than a crowded bar full of strangers.

6.) Babies. Babies everywhere.

The most mind blowing experience in the world is watching a childhood friend become a parent. While this can be so exciting, it is still wild, and I am not sure it will ever feel normal, but I guess it just becomes reality.

7.) Long distance friendships are the norm.

While we all got a taste of this when we went to college, it’s been amplified as we’ve gotten older. Now that we are all graduated, there is no reuniting at college or coming home for the holidays. While we are all out getting real jobs, that sometimes means moving! So what was once considered to be “long distance” is just the norm now. We’re spread out all over the world, but we make it work because that’s what you do in your twenties.