What We Can Learn From the Bachelorette

If you haven't been keeping up with the Bachelorette this season, here is a quick rundown of Luke P.

Luke is a "Christian" guy from Gainsville, GA who received the first impression rose at the cocktail party on night one in the mansion. Throughout his time on the show, he remained a front runner, despite all of the negativity he brought to Hannah's life and even getting sent home once before his final time on the show at the end of Fantasy Suites. Many of the guys have mentioned that while Luke was in the house they tried to have a relationship with him and would often be very kind to him, but it was just something that was never reciprocated.

Overall, Luke P. was someone who was self-centered, judgemental, and rude. Not just to Hannah, but as far as I can tell every guy who was a part of this season.

So why is it so good that Hannah kept him around as long as she did? Because he is not the only guy who is like this. This is one of the first times the bad guy doesn't turn good and actually gets what he deserves. Women needed to see that. Women needed to see a man like that in the eyes of how they treat someone else so that they can protect their own hearts from this kind of trauma.

There are so many guys like Luke P. who always get girls to fall for them because those guys know how to say the right thing when it needs to be said and make the girl feel like they are in the wrong. Because Hannah kept him around for so long, he got a ton of spotlight which showed his character to people who don't even watch the show. Keeping him around allowed media outlets to really get a hold of the story and share it with so many more people that aren't a part of Bachelor Nation, and the world needed that.

It is awful that Hannah had to endure the pain that she did and is now having to watch all of it back. Through a conversation they had on Twitter you can tell that this experience was one that really affected her life and it wasn't just for show. The emotions were real, the pain was real, and now she is reliving all of it and seeing what all of America is seeing. Luke P. is the definition of "that" guy.

We all needed to see that. Not just girls, but guys. Everyone needed to see what toxicity can do to not just the people in the relationship but to the people outside of it as well. Negativity to that magnitude affects every single person and it hurts.

So, Hannah, I hate that you had to experience that pain not only once, but every single time you see something about your season. Everyone who is keeping up with the season isn't just hurting for you, but with you. We see the pain and we are experiencing it too. We hate it for you, but we are glad this lesson could come out of all of this.

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