Hand Tools Buying Guide
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Hand Tools Buying Guide

Everyone in the Industry needs their tools to be power tools

Hand Tools Buying Guide

You do not necessarily need to be a DIY enthusiast to be able to do small jobs around the house. Many times, it becomes an actual necessity. Sometimes, you simply cannot wait for a few days until a plumber comes over. Other times, you might be looking to save some money.

All in all, there are a few basic tools that pretty much every homeowner should have around. Small fixes around your household do not require any experience or technical knowledge at all, but only a little attention to small details – regardless of your skill level.

So, what should you go buy from the nearest hardware store?

What are hand tools?

As mentioned on ToolsturfHand tools represent a basic and traditional category of tools. These tools are often held in hand while in need. They do not require any electricity or motors at all. They are simple and easy to use – no training required. They are intuitive, straightforward and user friendly. Even the most sophisticated tools on the market these days are based on hand tools.

Since there are no motors, engines, electrical circuits or sophisticated mechanisms involved, these tools are likely to last for a lifetime. Unless you break or bend them, there is nothing else that can go wrong with them. Most mechanics, handymen or DIY enthusiasts have started with these tools. While motor or electricity based tools can make the job easier, nothing can beat a classic hand tool in terms of reliability.

List of essential hand tools

Here are some of the most popular hand tools you can get. Not only are they inexpensive, but they will help you in small jobs around the house – the type of job that does not require any technical education. They will save you money and can prevent the necessity of improvising with other random tools. So, what are your best options out there?


Screwdrivers simply cannot miss from any home. Whether you buy your own DIY bed, you want to remove a light switch cover or you simply want to tighten a knob, a screwdriver will most likely get the job done. There are, of course, different types and sizes out there. Since different applications come with different requirements, it might be wise to get an assortment set.

Make sure you have flat heads, as well as Phillips tips.


Pliers are just as handy. When your fingers or nails are not strong enough, pliers will come in to get the job done. Just like screwdrivers, pliers come in more varieties. For example, needle nose pliers are excellent to reach tight areas where your fingers cannot get in.

Tongue and groove pliers are just as handy. They are highly adjustable and can be locked into place – ideal when you try to unscrew a nut while holding it from the other side. Electrician pliers might be handy too – they are suitable for wires.


Wrenches go in the same category with screwdrivers. There are certain places where you need a wrench, rather than a screwdriver. They come in different sizes, so it is highly recommended to get a whole set. Other than that, you will find two types of wrenches out there. A combination wrench has two different ends in two different sizes. One of the head is shaped like a classic U, while the other one is shaped like a circle.

An adjustable wrench is also handy, but it is usually bulky and cannot always be used in tight places.

Allen wrenches

Allen wrenches are L shaped and come in a hexagon shape. They are rather small than large. This type of bolt is used on small devices, so they are quite handy to have around. Whether it comes to a bike, a tattoo machine or perhaps a knob, you never know when you might need one. Be careful though – they are usually small and easy to misplace.

Tape measure

Tape measure is a must in pretty much every home. You do not have to be a DIY builder and measure walls for doors. You might as well need it to measure the windows for curtains, not to mention hanging TVs or pictures. They can also be locked in place, so you can measure long items too.

Utility knife

A utility knife can be used for pretty much anything. You can cut an envelope, dried glue, cardboard boxes, cleaning tiles and so on. Utility knives are just as helpful during a camping or fishing trip. They are extremely safe, as blades are locked in when not in use.

Other handy tools to have around include:

· Claw hammers

· Flashlights

· Extension cords

· Duct tape

· Putty knives

· Pry bars

· Hand saws

· Stud finders

· Squares

· Socket sets

· C clamps

· Wire cutters

· Extension ladders

Things to consider before buying hand tools

There are a few general considerations when buying hand tools, apart from the actual material. For instance, a handle covered in soft cushioning is better than a solid one. Not only is it more comfortable, but it will also reduce slippage and prevent injuries.

While interesting at first, tools with finger grooves are not always a bright idea because different people have different finger placements and sizes. Other than that, the perfect tool will allow you to get the job done with the wrist in a perfectly straight position – great to prevent injuries and discomfort.

Now, what kind of job are you planning to do? If you need force, you need a thick handle, as it allows a good wrap or grip. If you are into more delicate jobs, single handle tools with slim handles are more important. You can grip these tools between your fingertips without too much hassle.

Hand tools maintenance tips

Keep your tools clean for a long lifespan. Use some lubricating spray and clean each tool with a clean rag.

It is also important to repair anything that seems broken, from loose handles to corrosion and mushroomed heads.

Storage is not to be overlooked either. It is pointless to clean hand tools if you fail to store them responsibly – a classic toolbox will do.

Final words

Bottom line, hand tools should not miss from any home. They are inexpensive to buy and can prove invaluable under unexpected circumstances.

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