Every college students knows that the only pet we are allowed to have is a fish, and what fun is in that? All they do is sit there, swim a little here and there, and hide in the fake plants we put in their tanks. Well I decided to go against the rules and bought a hamster.

When I first went to the store to look at the hamster it was such a hard decision, but then I saw this lovely hamster and knew I just had to take her home.

I loved knowing that sometimes during the late nights after typing papers that Celeste would still be awake. After finishing my homework, I would usually watch The Food Network, and so would Celeste.

While sitting at my desk I would let her out and run around. She loved exploring all of the tissue boxes and pencil holders, but sometimes I felt like it was a game of hide 'n seek.

If I went to the bathroom and came around the corner without announcing my entrance, Celeste would get scared and freeze, so that I “couldn’t see her”.

Even when I wasn't motivated to do my homework (or even start it), Celeste would have her own way of telling me that I really needed to start on my assignments.

After long days full of working, classes, and getting ahead, Celeste would make sure to cuddle with me and make sure I got the sleep I needed for another long day being a college kid.

Even though having Celeste was completely against the rules of living in the dorms, it was totally worth it. Having a hamster this school year has helped me get through some of the rough days. Hamsters should be allowed in college because they help people feel better emotionally. College students are so stressed that the ability to have an emotional therapy animal is priceless. So many people would come over to play with Celeste and then leave feeling happier and more relaxed. She's just too cute to not be allowed, right?